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  1. Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    The Behringer FBQ2496 or the DSP1124P? It will be used only below 100Hz into 2 TL subs. Please give me some of your informed opinions. I know one has 20 bands per channel and a 96KHz DAC and the other has 12 bands per channel. Remember, it will be used for 100Hz down only! It will have no...
  2. AV Home Theater
    Hi All, So, upon browsing the News area of the forum and seeing the Bose VideoWave TV reminded me of their Wave Radio. I remember a few years back going to a Bose store in the mall and they had the demo of their new (at the time) Wave Radio. It was a see through, clear design that let you see...
  3. Home Theater Projectors
    Trying to decide on the Optoma GT700, Acer 5360, and Viewsonic PJD6531W. Feel free to list any others that are similar that I left off.
  4. Mobile Audio
    Alright, got my batteries, subs, sub amps, wires, terminal rings, HU, and crossover all figured out. Already have my highs/mids/amps. Working on an HT as well, looking to go surround 6.1 or 7.1 with 21" Maelstrom-X's as well, MTM with Kevin's Anarchy cheap tweet crossover. May get an HDTV...
  5. REW Forum
    I'm getting a clipping detected error, but I'm not quite sure why. I set my pre-pro volume to my typical listening level. Then using Vista's volume mixer, I set the Realtek Digital Output Device slider to 100 and the REW Settings slider to 20. The Out and Right meters now read about -12db...
  6. REW Forum
    I just finished my room measurement, and set the target level. When I attempt to "assign filters," the option appears to be grayed out. What am I doing wrong that REW won't set the filters?
  7. Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    hi there, i have the sony 550 blu ray player and an onkyo tx-nr900 receiver that i am using as a processor with jbl amps. i am using the multichannel analogue outs (7.1) from the blu ray to my onkyo. im pretty sure i have all the settings correct but i cannot seem to get 7.1 dts master audio...
1-7 of 7 Results