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  1. What strange, wierd or cult movie do you like?

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    We all like the big block busters, some of us like foreign films but what about those personal indulgences for the strange, the weird or cult movies. Sure they're not for everyone and I know some of your friends and family don't get it, but they fascinate us. A few of my favs: The City of...
  2. First REW Measurements -- wierd graphs

    REW Forum
    I am using an RS analog SPL meter with the REW Standard Cal file (downloaded from HTS), through a UCA202 USB card into my laptop. The laptop microphone has been disabled. The calibration and SPL settings went fine. Levels are good. Input and output seems to be working properly -- when I...
  3. Wierd sub effect on plot

    REW Forum
    This makes no acoustic or electrical sense to me: I have a REL sub that has the option of a high-level input directly (parallel) from the amp terminals to the speakers. This allows the sub to be driven by the same signal as the speakers. There are two "hot" wires and one ground so you get to...
  4. Somethings wierd

    REW Forum
    Hi there, I started up the new V5 REW today and ran my measurement on my current subs and something seems to be a miss when I compare the new REW and the old one when I apply 1/3 smoothing. The graph looks alot smoother in the new REW than the old one. Which is right and which is wrong...
  5. duet gives wierd soundcard cal

    REW Forum
    Hey guys. love the REW program and think i have it setup pretty well. Using the ECM cal file for my ECM, ive calibrated my apogee duet but the cal file is not flat it has what looks like comb filtering. this was a connect input to output situation so its a mono thing. anyway my average...
  6. Wierd Null

    REW Forum
    I am getting a wierd null at 140hz and can not seem to pin point the problem. Below is a screen shot. I tried messing with the phase and it did not seem to help at all. The Maggies and sub are crossed over at 120hz which may account for some of the null. Any ideas to the cause of this? :hissyfit:
  7. Wierd noise

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    So, I have to 12" ED EHQS12's in a 20*20*40 enclosure, mounted inversely, with a 5" port tuned to ~20 Hz, I have them wired in series (8ohm) hooked up to a 100watt plate amp. (Yes I know, that's hardly any power, but it doesn't take much to get these to move.) Anyways. When I turn them up to a...
  8. Wierd results from RoomEQ

    REW Forum
    Greetings everybody, I'm new to this forum and have not used RoomEQ before. Many thanks to John Mulcahy and all the development team for a superb product. Well, I started out to measure the resonance frequencies of a large room with extremely hard walls. The reverberation time of this room is...
  9. Wierd results when measuring soundcard response, need new S/Card??

    REW Forum
    Hi all, have spent the last few days reading reasonably conprehensively the posts on the forum. Don't want to waste peoples time without at least making the effort eh! Strangely enough, in the post dated Aug 8th 2006 by Vaughan Odendaal, he describes exactly the point at which I'm stuck. (his...