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  1. Reduce bass for wife at times

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I love action and my wife goes to bed relatively early. I would like to only use my center at night for tv watching. I have a Yamaha TRS brand new. Pleas help
  2. Fitzurse Room (the wife is admitted - barely)

    Home Theater Room Photos (Finished Rooms Only)
    My system is relatively modest but I think I've squeezed every drop of soundstage, imaging and resolution from these Motion 12s. I'd never heard the Motions when I read the $1,000 shootout, which got me interested (excited?) so I drove over to Alabama and bought a new pair for $400. I've never...
  3. Eeek... Wife Moving at Light Speed!

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Long story short... we are renovating the house to sell at some point in a year or two, and my wife has agreed to let me move the HT into a bigger room. Problem is, she's making decisions faster than the light from my plasma can reach my spinning head (so I have little time for research today)...
  4. Something my wife wanted

    Chat Box SWAMP
    The dog wakes up my wife wanting on/off the bed. I built this so I don't have to hear about it anymore.
  5. Wife lost her job

    Care Chapel
    well, as some know I've had some fun health issues the last 8 months or so and the day before yesterday we had a fun "trio" of surprises, the main one being that my wife, who happens to carry the health insurance between the two of us...I'm an independent contractor, was told that her entire...
  6. W.A.F. The dreaded Wife Acceptence Factor???

    AV Home Theater
    Not really sure where to post this so Mods feel free to move it where it belongs.. I'm curious as to all your experiences when it comes to the WAF of your purchases... I was with my X for 17yrs. High school sweethearts. From the beginning she knew what she was getting into with me and my love...
  7. My Wife

    Chat Box SWAMP
    As some of you know my wife and I both work for Union Pacific railroad. I Don't normally participate much in this forum but I'm not a big fan of bad news and this is what I seem to encounter when reading within the chat swamp. Having said that I would like to give a shout out to my wonderful...
  8. Hello from Dan and Wife from the Wisconsin Woods

    New Member Introductions
    :huh: I am a music and video fan for as long as I remember and now 56 I am physically challenged (Hate term, disabled) and basically in chair. My goal is to have wife (That just had stroke) and I to get satellite tv gone considering we are on federal funds now.. We have many movies to watch on...
  9. Back porch zone, main zone, and wife friendly

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I am swimming in PDF literature, trying to understand basic zone functions before purchase of a new a/v receiver. The budget is $1500 +/-, and I've researched Pioneer Elite SC-7*, Yamaha Aventage, Denon X4000, and a few Marantz models. But stumped is me. With the risk of being too vague, I would...
  10. my wife kicked me and my speakers out of the living room!

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    so i am looking in to a room 12'x 8' x8' brick all around currently no ceilling, is these even possible? i have more than enough heavy drapes to cover every single wall.
  11. My wife is ill

    Care Chapel
    Has been for some time and after a dozen doctors have looked at her it has been determined that there isn't much that can be done except make her comfortable and make sure she doesn't over exert and try to keep stress at a minimum. For 23 years she has kept me from going nuts so please keep us...
  12. wife in ER

    Care Chapel
    well, I'm slightly nervous, my wife has been having pain in her side for the last few days (she'd been puking and showing flu symptoms so we thought that it was just the fun of the being sick) and today she went in to the doc for pain killers and he diagnosed that she either has a blockage in...
  13. my wife gave birth 8 weeks early!

    Care Chapel
    So my wife had severe preeclampsia and had to have an emergency c section at 32weeks her blood pressure was 177/110 and kept climbing so they put her on magnesium sulfate and about 18hours later they did the c section. My son was born at 3lbs 3oz and has been in the NICU now almost 3 weeks hes...
  14. n00b Diagnosed w/ Audiophilia, Wife Reports Finding Money Pit in Spare Bedroom

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Howdy, folks, I'm planning to build a dedicated listening room in my new house. I'll be building this system from the ground up with a modest budget. I started off aiming to keep it under a grand, which quickly ballooned to $1500, but has since been shaved back a bit thanks to some awesome...
  15. My new AVR is monstrous.

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    The Integra DTR 70.3 has been delivered and installed. First I would like to say that this unit is fantastic! My cds have never sounded this good and my tv has never looked so good. Still a lot to go through and learn. One disappointment was that this unit does not have bridging capabilities...
  16. Wife support

    AV Home Theater
    I need some advice on how to convince my wife I am not going overboard and to be 90% supportive of the project. I am planning what I believe to be a reasonable project with a modest room size, home built speakers, and listening to her advice when she didn't want to see any of the speakers. She...
  17. Before my wife gets home!

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hey guys, I've been reading and reading and this is just a great site! I need some advice on a sub and in ceiling speakers. I am stuck with in ceiling -WAF. She finally gave in on having a T.V. in the room and gave the okay for a sub, just no other speakers on the floor. Just two conditions...
  18. Going up to Seattle with my wife and Daughter...

    AV Home Theater
    in November. Any place I should go and see that an avid audiophile would appreciate? We will be there for 5 days and one of those we will be taking that super sweet boat up to Canada to check it out. I searched the performing arts centers to see if anything that would display the sound and...
  19. Trying to make the wife happy need help

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Ok the plan was to build the TriTrix knock down kit from PE. Wife was on board I was happy. Now she wants me to hide the speakers so an inwall may be the way to go. Is it possible to get the same sound quality and Volume for music as well as HT???? the other issue is price. I figured with the...
  20. Friend Left His Wife and Kids - Please Pray

    Care Chapel
    One of my friends left his wife and kids for another woman. If there are any praying folks out there please pray for Ray and his family!! :sad: :crying: Matt