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  1. The current Bain of my Wife

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    My wife thinks it's stupid but I spend all my time with: Sharp LC-60E77UN TV Integra DHC80.1 Pre/Pro Sunfire Signature Seven 400W x 7 Amp Blue Jeans Interconnects PS3 Slim 250GB BD Player Wii for fun Motorola DCT-6416 PVR Polk LSi 25, LSiC, and LSiFX Klipsch Quintet for Surround Back In...
  2. Wife said "YES" to holes in walls!!! (new to IB, plz hlp)

    IB - Infinite Baffle Subwoofer Build Projects
    I've gotten the OK from the wife to move from what was an appropriate sub for my college apartment to something more.. "significant". She's even signed off on minimally invasive holes in walls. CHA-CHING! Man, I'm getting a huge grin just typing that! Below you'll find pics of our living...
  3. My wife is gonna hate this place!

    New Member Introductions
    and that is because I am gonna love it!!!! She is gonna say I spend too much time here. I was directed here by some friends on another forum VSplanet, and after reading the rules decided that I found a new place to hang out. I appreciate the rules, and applaud you for having strict rules and...
  4. Wife got the good TV, dealing with Coaxial!!

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi there- Just got separated, and unfortunately the wife got the killer TV. Stuck with an old TV from about 10 years ago, TV with coaxial input only. I watch a lot of movies from my laptop, in the past it was a DVI-D cable to HDMI adapter cable...no problem. Right now I have the coaxial cable...
  5. Sonosub Build, wife is going to be really happy!

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    Hi all, After reading many a build thread and countless articles I finally decided to build a sonosub. My hats off to Steve Callas and ssabripo (Lord of Bass) and many others that share their experiences so we all can learn. I am basically going to copy what Bill3 did here a while back, except...
  6. 80's/90's music downloads for wife

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    hey guys, I just assume have her listen to Lp's ,but I would rather have my finger nails pulled out instead of letting my wife near my turntable.:raped: with that off my chest....where can i find a good selection of 80's/90's pop and R&B dance music to download. (cash or free):surrender:
  7. HT French Doors (and my Wife)

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I'm finalizing my home theatre design, and running into my last design detail... The current HT room has a single door (solid) that comes into the existing HT room... (Perfect, no light in the window) Now the issue, my wife wants me to install a dual, french door style (with windows in them)...
  8. Top Boxes for my wife

    DIY Speakers
    So my wife sings in a band. She just split off from one band and is part of starting a new one. One of the drawbacks is that the new band doesn't have as much equipment as the old one. One thing they are missing are PA speakers (mainly used for vocals). I figured this was a good opportunity...
  9. Wife Demands New Display -- Please Help!

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Hey people, My wife has decided that we want a wall-mountable flat display. Well, I hinted that "it sure would be nice to have that thing on the wall, all neat and flush-mounted like that" and she bought in. She was also impressed by the picture quality of the HD-DVD demo at Best Buy. So, in...
  10. My newest project that drives my wife crazy!

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Hey Guys, A list of my equipment. Sharp Aquos LC-42D62U LCD flatscreen Onkyo HT-S790 HT system currently upgrading with new mains and sub. Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD DVR RCA DRC285 Up converting DVD player via HDMI Xbox and Playstation II Customized black laquer entertainment center...
  11. My Wife's Mom & Cancer

    Care Chapel
    I was pleasantly surprised to find this section of the forum, what a great idea. This forum is markedly different than many of the others out there (in a good way), and this section is a part of that. My wife's mom was diagnosed in Dec 2005 with colorectal cancer (stage 4). She underwent...