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  1. Enlarging the notes window for calibration measurement using loopback

    REW Forum
    I can't seem to enlarge the notes window for calibration measurement. I guess its kept intentionally small, to allow multiple measurements to be tabbed. When doing a loopback cal then there are a lot more details than the notes window size can show, especially for the soundcard setup. Yes I...
  2. Impulse response window functions

    REW Forum
    Hello, it's my first post here. In the IR Windows the top two choices are windowing functions: Tukey, Blackman, Flat-Top etc. What are their uses and for what types of measurements? Is there a default one good for all situations? TIA
  3. Basement window

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I am having an issue with one of my basement Windows rattling from my subs. Has anybody had this issue and if so what did you do? It's a standard basement window and I was wondering can I use something to help mitigate it.
  4. [REQ]: Make the window controls a bit simpler to use for common use cases

    REW Forum
    I have 2 suggestions that come directly from Holm but do make that app a bit less fiddly to use (for speaker design use) + 1 other suggestion I've dreamt up 1) provide "curtains" on the IR that you can drag left and right to set the left/right window positions 2) provide an "auto detect" window...
  5. Feature request: channel select in the measure window

    REW Forum
    It seems the most popular motion of my mouse is to go into preferences, select record channel 2 instead of 1, then go to measure and measure the next channel. Then return to preferences, select the other channel. This goes on and on, back and forth throughout the complex measurement of a...
  6. GD in the overlay window

    REW Forum
    how to read the graph generated in GD window overlays ? how to set parameters in the "limits"? thank you
  7. calculated time window & Mic distance

    REW Forum
    Is there any way to set calculated time window and remove the mic distance before plotting frequency response? THX
  8. Cannot change Left window (ms) time

    REW Forum
    Hi Shakers, I some imported IR .wav Files I cannot change the window size of the "Left Window (ms)" in the "IR Windows" Tab . It is fixed at 10 ms. Why is that and how can I change this? Thanks in advance an regards from Germany Sebastian
  9. understanding the impact of the left window

    REW Forum
    This might be a stupid question but I don't know the answer so I will ask anyway :) Let's say you have a measurement of a speaker and you want to bring in the right window to remove some reflections from the response. Why can't you just move the left window out by the same amount in order to...
  10. Main window small at startup

    REW Forum
    Hi, When i start REW on Mountain Lion it start always with a minimized window ( very small), hard to find it in the desktop. What can i do to start it in full size? Thanks.
  11. DIY Soundproof window

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Heres a wierd one. :) I am building a soundproof window for the theater space in the basement. It will be a soundproofed space so I want to make a window with the highest TL possible within my space and budget. The avg STC estimate of the space's perimeter will be high 50s. So far I have...
  12. fixed screen infront of window

    General Screen Discussion
    I am sure this happens but I would like to know how people are doing it. I would like to put a fixed screen in my HT room but it will cover a front window of the house. Issues: if people do this: Do you build access to window incase it leaks or window breaks? Do you black it out and if so what...
  13. fixed projector screen in front of window

    General Screen Discussion
    How would you guys recommend I get about 5 inches of clearance between my projectors mounting bracket and the wall? using 2 L brackets to create a U bracket and attach the screen mounts to that?
  14. Gaikai’s PS4 launch window uncertain in Europe due to broadband concerns

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Gaikai’s PS4 launch window uncertain in Europe due to broadband concerns PlayStation 4 is billed to provide a back catalog of streamed PSone, PS2 and PS3 titles courtesy of Gaikai at some point down in 2014, however, the service’s European launch could face delays due to...
  15. Vinyl Window Springs

    AV Home Theater
    Has anybody solved the vinyl window spring rattle issue yet? I was thinking about trying some of that quick seal stuff, kinda like the rino bed liner for your truck. Having three subs and some pretty big speakers, that's pretty much the only thing left I have to tame. If it has been answered...
  16. The problem with the choice of entry E-MU 0404 USB in the Window "Preferences Sound Card" REW 5.0

    REW Forum
    Good afternoon. Set REW 5.0 on an old (very) IBM laptop with Windows XP and Java 2SE-5.0. Using a 24-bit sound card E-MU 0404 USB with "native" drivers. The problem is - when an item is selected E-MU 0404 in the Input Device And Input message appears: "Unable to access the selected device...
  17. RTA window mic and line mixed?

    REW Forum
    Hi all, Just getting started with REW, and I'm newbie confused. I am running a Behringer 302USB for I/O into my laptop, and when I go into the RTA window and run the signal generator, I notice that the signal from the generator is showing up in the RTA display without the mic even turned up on...
  18. help with IR window in OS X

    REW Forum
    Hi everyone, please help me. I have just purchased my first mac and installed REW. I am having an issue with the use of the IR window; it seem to behave differently from my REW on Windows. When I had REW on Windows, I could eliminate room reflections by reducing the Right Window (ms) in IR...
  19. Stewart Filmscreen's Mystik Turns Any Window into a Projection Screen

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: BigPictureBigSound
  20. Waterfall Window

    REW Forum
    Hi Can someone please explain the parameters one can input into the waterfall graph (time range and window) and what the effect of changing them is? The help does not elaborate on their effect and simply states at the end: " Best results are obtained when the window is smaller than the time...