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  1. Running Speaker Wires Behind Baseboards

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Adding my surround speakers in the basement finally, and I want the wires to be in the walls. The area I'm working on is the finished side of the basement in a new build (well... 2014 anyway) so I will assume the builders framed the concrete walls however a builder frames concrete walls (I...
  2. Cutting home theater speaker wires?

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    We moved into a house that has home theater system wiring in the walls. It looks like they were put in there when the house was being built, since they cannot be pulled out. We re not planning on connecting our own system through them and don t like them hanging from the walls where the speakers...
  3. cat5 speaker wires

    DIY Audio
    I made these over the weekend. I took a 10' length of cat5 for each speaker wire. I removed the twisted pairs from the sheath and threw away the pair with the widest winding spacing and then braided the other three. I separated the white wires from the colored wired and braided them the rest...
  4. Speaker wires question

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    In my pursuit for the best deal in speaker cables for me, I ended up at Home Depot (Canada) and I got Carol brand 14 gauge in wall speaker cable (1702). Actually I wanted 12 gauge but can't find it. Anyway, my idea was to increase the gauge by doubling the cable (I twisted the ends of the wires...
  5. Old Housewife wires NEW system, hilarity ensues

    System Setup and Connection
    OK I’m not sure I can promise hilarity, but I anticipate a tear or two, and a few temper tantrums (which might prove hilarious to others). Forgive my neediness but I’m an old mother and we’re used to being reliant on others. And a little emotionally manipulative. How many old mothers does it...
  6. Old housewife wires her own system.. then cries

    System Setup and Connection
    Below I have a diagram of how I have everything set up (I left off the speakers because I just used the ones that came with the system, and set them up and arranged them per the instructions. Nothing fancy or exciting). I do not believe I have optimized this system. When you see it you may say...
  7. $45k for 2 meter wires

    Two Channel Audio
    These are way out of my league... http://www.thecableco.com/Product/Siltech-Emperor-Double-Crown I will stick with my Monoprice wires.
  8. Check speaker wires?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I have a cheap Yamaha receiver hooked up to two monitor 60 Polk tower speakers and one cs2 center from Polk. I have two cheap Yamaha surrounds hooked up as surround speakers but they usually are not used. So I have a 3.0 system right now. Whenever I play music above -9.5 volume on the reciever...
  9. HLN617WX/XAA Internal Wires

    I have a Samsung HLN617WX/XAA 61" DLP and I'm looking for the 5 wire cable (1 blue wire and 4 white wires) that goes from the DMD Board to the Ballast. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas where to look. I don't know the part number or if it even has one. I have checked eBay but no luck...
  10. Matching selector and subwoofer wires

    System Setup and Connection
    We recently got a home where speakers are built in, and I have a Yamaha RX-V465 (105W RMS) which I would like to hook to the speakers. For this particular zone, there is a 5.1 speaker setup in one room, and L/R speakers in 2 others. I will need to buy a speaker selection switch to choose which...
  11. Fishing speaker wires thru basement, cannot drill into wall bottom plate

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hello, I am trying to install a set of 5.1 speakers in my family room. The family room is like an extension to the house with vaulted ceilings. Hence both the front and the rear speakers are on external walls. I have first tried to install the rear speakers, where I am stuck. The intention is...
  12. HIDE MY WIRES: Can you help? :)

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    Team, After auditioning several surround sound systems, I have found my perfect match! Now, comes the need from you for a little bit o' help. I am going to be fully renovating an 1800 square foot basement - this give me a blank canvas. No framing or electrical, etc has been installed. I am...
  13. Suggestions on wires to hook up my HT are welcomed Thanks

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    I'm getting ideas on some wires and plugs to use for my first HT. I do not want the cheap stuff but I do not want the best stuff. I was also thinking of just going to bestbuy or abt or frys, any electronic store would be easier. Obviously pre-made ones would save time and effort but are they...
  14. Managing Wires & Cables of Hometheater

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a home theater/A/V cabinet housing my home theater/ stereo system. I have a 60 inch Sony HDTV / Onkyo 809/Direct TV DVR/Sony BluRay and a X-Box all connected to a 5.1 set-up. In the same cabinet I have a Adcom pre amp/ Acurus amp/ Denon CD changer which I run my 2.1 system. Each system...
  15. No brainer for hiding wires

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hey guys, Newbie here! Wasn't sure if there were any other technical-novices on here but I followed a crafty piece of advice from another member for hiding all the wires that came with my surround sound speakers - so I thought I'd share my experience in the hope you can gain from it too! I...
  16. Wiring Closet? too many wires

    System Setup and Connection
    It's going to be new construction for a home I'm building. I have a bunch of stuff I want to hook up. 6 rooms will have 2 speakers in each room,thats (12 wires ) that are ceiling mounted, each room with have a wall mounted IR receiver (Buffalo Electronics Buffalo IR-250 In-Wall Insert IR...
  17. Pulling wires through floor trusses?

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hi all, We moved into a house that has floor trusses above my home theater room. I want to make a bunch of holes in the ceiling to pull wires for surround speakers, internet, and future projector install. Does anyone know if trusses are usually wide open (no insulation)? I am in Wisconsin...
  18. Purchasing wires + wall plate for new HT Room

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    Hi everyone, Still farely new with HT but read lots of threads about wires, connections, wall plates etc... Just got a new house and my basement in not finished. I am about to start the work soon and was looking at buying a bunch of stuff from Monoprice. Since my basement is not finished, no...
  19. Connecting speaker surround system with multiple wires into Triple RCA jack?

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hey!:D first post here, and im having trouble with an old speaker system (AD905WA) and an even older dvd player (Radionette RN-3100E). The thing is, the speaker system was designed for the DVD player that came with it, so each of the 5 speakers and the subwoofer have an individual wire that is...
  20. What gauge wires 1000-2000W

    DIY Speakers
    Hi.. what gauge of wire should I use from the pro amp to driver? Planning to get a pro amp maybe around 2000W 12AWG or 10AWG? Does connecting the DVCs together need a thicker wire?