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  1. determining positive and negitive input wires in a speaker

    System Setup and Connection
    I am instaling some small (13x9) speakers made by Sony into a reciever , there are 2 wires going into the speaker 1 solid red the other Black with a red stripe. Witch is positive? TIA!!
  2. Protecting wires from drywallers

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    Hello all, to start off, I can't stand drywalling so my basement is being "farmed out" to a local drywaller. I am concerned that they will demolish all the hard work on the wires (electrical and A/V) that are coming out of the boxes. I have about 16" of various wires (cat6/coax/speaker)...
  3. Speaker Wires, Does it matter?

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    The basic understanding that I currently have is for longer runs you want to use heavier gages. Now I have come across many different types of cable, from .25 cents a foot to $50.00+ a foot. What gives, What would a person need with solid "Silver" cable. Sure I understand it has better...
  4. LFE Through R/L audio wires

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi If a user was to connect all his system to the TV and route the sound to the Receiver via 2 audio wires (R/L), would the LFE be carried through? Regards:help:
  5. How to figure out which wires are front and rear

    New Member Introductions
    I just moved to a new place which is surround sound wired, however none of the wires are marked whether they are FL or FR or RL or RR. I would appreciate if you know a way I can figure it out, I am a non-techie so detailed way to figure out would be much appreciated. Also Front Right means...
  6. just ordered sbs system and now need wires..

    I ordered the sbs 5.1 system with the pb10. I am going to order wires from monoprice but dont know what sub cable to get or extra's i havent thought of. I am going to get either 14g or 16g inwall speaker wire. The sub wire will need to be run in wall also prob about 30-40ft. any...
  7. running speaker wires

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    whats the best way to run speaker wires inside walls so you dont see them?
  8. ssabripo's DIY Speaker cables Tutorial (cat5e based): Audiophile wires on the cheap!

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    Ok guys, sorry for the delay, but here it is Finally: Cat5e based Speaker cables - a cheap and high quality alternative to boutique high dollar speaker wires! (click to enlarge) Hope you enjoy it, and let me know if there are any questions. As an alternative, you can read more about...
  9. Hiding speaker wires?

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    i have to run 2 pair of 16awg speaker wire on each side of room. Are there products or techniques to help hide the wireing? any tips appreciated!