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  1. Anyone Used REW-Room EQ Wizard?

    REW Forum
    Hi everybody After getting a new set of speakers "dialed in" to my "man cave", I purchased a new pair of sub woofers for that last octave of bass. In the past I've had to be patient, integrating a sub with a pair of monitors, to get them to sound "just right", adjusting the positioning of the...
  2. Room EQ Wizard bug with BFD FBQ2496

    REW Forum
    I have encountered a bug with REW and the FBQ2496, affecting all EQ settings that are sent as BOTH channels to the FBQ. It's most noticeable with a full-range signal. After sending EQ settings via 'both' channels (not separately) to the FBQ via REW, a power cycle of the FBQ will introduce an...
  3. REW - reading results

    REW Forum
    Hello, after many hardships and the multitude of questions raised in various forums I've just made the first measurements. Unfortunately, still I'm far from the first attempts to adapt, because it's found out that I totally can not interpret the results (graphs). I don't understand them...
  4. Speaker calibration file - REW

    REW Forum
    Hello, I am now ready to take measurements, but one thing makes me frustrating. Calibration SPEAKER. Why there is nothing about that in preferences of REW. Of course there is EQ and things like that, but why I cant just load calibration file for speaker? Probably, it is important which...
  5. room eq wizard

    REW Forum
    I am new to room eq wizard I understand and use minidsp but know I would like to measure my speakers with room eq wizard. Any tutorial explaining room eq with usb mic would be appreciated. coony
  6. Using Room EQ Wizard Without a Mic/Meter

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    I'd like to use REW Wizard to plot the frequency response of a piece of hardware, and equalizer, for example. I'm simply connecting the device between the line out and line in of my audio interface, setting levels, and making a measurement. It works fine, but every time I start, it bugs me about...
  7. Apogee One Int. Mic. - Room EQ Wizard

    REW Forum
    Hello, At the beginning, I want to sorry for my English language. I want to measure my home-recording room using Room EQ Wizard and my Apogee One int. Microphone. I know it's not perfect but I leave on small island in Norway, and I don't have to much opportunities to get better utilities. So my...
  8. Room EQ Wizard V5.01 Beta 18 and 19 Released

    REW Forum
    just received this email telling me about the changes in the EQ Wizard. I know this has something to do with room equalization and I have used the microphone that has come with my Denon 311CI but I have no idea how to use the EQ Wizard. Is there anyone out there who knows how to explain this to...
  9. Room EQ Wizard Help - Feedback

    REW Forum
    Hey guys, Another rookie here looking for help with Room EQ Wizard. I've been following GIK Acoustics tutorial on Room EQ Wizard but every time I try to calibrate the sound card and the mic I get this piercing feedback when the levels approach the suggested levels. Audio Interface: Yamaha...
  10. First time with Room EQ Wizard, a graph!

    REW Forum
    Hi, I need help understanding the measurement I just took in my recording studio. It looks like I'm in pretty good shape until the high end, compared to other graphs I've seen, but I'm not sure. Any info or advice/insight would be much appreciated! Thanks! Steve Voss
  11. Problem to install Room EQ Wizard

    REW Forum
    Hello im new here on the forum, i´m working on a new built studio at home and have bought a measurement microphone and now trying to install room eq wizard after i was advised to download that from one of my teaches. I get the message -RoomEQWizardV5 is damaged and can not open. It should be...
  12. Follow the yellow brick road to The Wizard of Oz in IMAX 3D and blu-ray beginning this september

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Strap on your red shoes, click your heels together, and watch out for flying monkeys. Warner Bros. just announced it has produced a 3D remastering of The Wizard of Oz along with several other products to commemorate the film’s 75th anniversary. The film house is calling the releases a...
  13. Import graph into Room eq wizard?!

    REW Forum
    I have pdf file of frequency repsonse graph that i want to match is there a way or tool in Room eq wizard or some other software that i could use to do this.How would you do this?Thanks.:huh:
  14. Studio Monitors EQ wizard?!

    Pro Audio
    I was wondering if i could corect my home studio monitors by taking theirs freq. response graph and corecting it.I'm not talking about room here just about my monitors Adam A7.What do you think about the idea has anyone done that and where it will take me?Thanks.P.S.I have room that could not be...
  15. Best Sound Card for Room Eq Wizard

    REW Forum
    Howdy folks, I was just wondering what the best sound card would be to use with the REW program and a Behringer 1124P Thanks Wolf
  16. Use room eq wizard with ableton

    REW Forum
    Hi. Sorry im kind of new with this. Hope you understand my question. I have made a messurment with eq wizard and i have some peaks in my studio room that i would like to get rid of. Now my question. Can I use room wizards internal eq on my main out, direct to my monitors before my daw (ableton...
  17. hi I'm interested in calibration

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all I'm looking for an answer to a bad sounding system in this case a receiver by pioneer and I have a hunch it is the auto calibration so I know this is not the forum for that so where do I go I've heard of Room EQ Wizard and I'm not really sure that is for me but I'm a geek so the graphs...
  18. question regarding EQ Wizard

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    What if I do measurements simply with the speakers already connected to my PC and with the simple mic that can be used for internet conversation?? will the results be very different or at least it will give some indications?? I hope I can hear some detailed answers. I saw the diagram for...
  19. Is there Anyway to Print Graphs from Room EQ Wizard from Windows XP or Win7

    REW Forum
    Hi, I need to print some graphs from Room EQ Wizard because I am getting strange readings from my sound card and want to send the readings to the manufacturer and they want to see the graphs, not just the raw data. I can't find any print buttons and neither CTRL-P nor "PrintScreen" button...
  20. using Room EQ Wizard

    REW Forum
    Hello, can somebody orient me on how to measure live frequency response using a condenser mic M-Audio ? I downloaded the free version but cannot seem to find how to change from reading the soundcard towards reading from live mic. thank you. r.