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  1. Sony BDX-S500U won't stay closed!

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    I just bought the above external BD for my iMac, and have been using it for just a couple days making DVD and BD rips for my Mac Mini HTPC. Everything was working great until last night, when it stubbornly started popping open 2 seconds after being closed. This was with it attached to the...
  2. Blu-ray won't eject

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    Anybody have an idea of how to remove a stuck disc in a PS3? First thing is it is acting weird, you hit eject, no disc comes out and the disc does not show up on the display after you hit eject then if you power down the unit then power it back up it will show the disc and allow you to play it...
  3. hitachi 46F500 won't turn on

    I just got this tv to fix and it won't turn on. It just has the power button light solid red. I opened up the back of the case and saw green led's and one, closer to the back of the tv, is red. Is this indicative of a simple fix. Or is it who knows what. I look forward to your help, it has...
  4. Horn Sub - Phoenix Gold XMax 15" won't go low...

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hello, It's been forever since I've been here! Well, I'm back and this time I'm getting serious with my sub designs. I went to the swap-meet (flea market) and picked up some more subs. I have a Phoenix Gold XMax 15" sub and a few others for cheap. I'm trying to get the sub to play to it's Fs...
  5. Mitsubishi 42 tv wt-42311 won't stay on

    My Mitsubishi 42 tv wt-42311 shut off today while watching it, and evey time I try to turn it on the green led comes on and then shuts right off. I've had it for over eight years and a 9 mths ago the buttons on the panel stop working, so I can only turn it on with remote control. I try to get...
  6. Mitsubishi ws-55809 won't power

    I have read several posts that talk about a flashing green light. I don't have any flashing light even after holding menu/reset. The tv went out; however before it went out there was distortion of the picture. Any ideas since there is no light flashing?
  7. Mitsubishi WS 55311 won't turn off and now won't turn on

    TV would not turn off last night via remote or front power button. Unplugged the TV and left it unplugged over night. Plugged it back in this AM and now it won't power on - no green light, no audible relay "click" and it won't display any codes. Unplugged it and plugged it back in. Nothing...
  8. Subwoofer has power but won't 'click' on

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    Hi - I have a Sony SA-WMSP85 active subwoofer that was part of a basic home theater surround system... About 4 years old or so. It has it's own power on/off switch, and normally when turned on you get a power light immediately, followed about 5-6 seconds later by a relay clicking, engaging...
  9. pt56wx51c won't stay on

    Panasonic / Technics
    Panasonic PT56wx51c (Canadian CRT based RPTV) The tv wouldn't respond to the front panel input to power up, nor to the remote's power command. I un-plugged it, plugged it in again and tried - it powered up, the set-up display started to show, and it shut down again - and wouldn't do anything...
  10. NAS that won't break the bank

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I'm looking for an nas with 1 to 2 TB of storage that wont break the bank. Budget is $250-300. Any ideas on a good solution? Experience using the product would be nice to hear about, as it will be networked with both XP and Windows 7 machines, and wireless is not necessary.
  11. WS - 55711 won't turn on

    Hi. The set will power up for about 2 -3 sec then off. I've got a 22 led sequence from the front panel and feel it is the convergence IC issue. I found the following kit online and was curious if anyone felt this would be the best bet for fixing this issue? If not any other thoughts on what I...
  12. Mitsubishi WS-65315 won't turn on..

    We have a rear projection 65" Mitsubishi that will not turn on.. When we press the power button the green light comes on for a couple of seconds and then goes off. We tried unplugging it and plugging it back in to no avail.. We tried the pressing menu and input and got two green flashes.. Does...
  13. PS3 won't go online even though it's detected

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    My PS3 is usually able to get online no problem but now all of a sudden it can't find it. Anyone else have the same problem?
  14. Yamaha RX-V665 won't upscale cable signal

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a Yamaha RX-V665 and I can't seem to get it to upscale from the 480 cable signal to 1080i for my crt projector. My eyes are crossed from reading the manual over and over. It appears that I have everything set right but when I check the reciever settings the output says 480. Can anyone...
  15. REW won't recognise mic calibration files?

    REW Forum
    I go into settings and try to open the calibration files , but they don't show up. What should I do?
  16. HLR5667W Questions, won't turn on

    Thanks for all the info on this board so far. I am trying to debug my situation. Right now the tv will not turn on. I see the lamp blink in green on the front for 30 secs then goes off. With the back open i can see the lamp is on. Will a lamp that is dead still turn on? Last week i got the...
  17. Phillips 46pp930217 won't turn on

    Philips / Magnavox
    First of all, thank you so much for this site. My husband and I picked up a couple of RP tv's that had convergence issues, to replace our smaller tv's. Since we live in the Orlando area, we went to Acme and the guy there, laughed at us, as we asked for some advice. He said that switching to...
  18. PS3 won't get 3D Blu-ray support this summer

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    PS3 goes 3D in June but no 3D Blu-ray support, TV packages and pink 3D spex announced Steve May - 15 April 2010 - 9:24am The PlayStation 3 will get its first 3D firmware update in June, to coincide with...
  19. Klipsch RW-12d Won't Power Up!

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Hello All, Found this forum through another forum (AVS Forum) and decided to join after reading. So here is the issue: I have a Klipsch RW-12d sub that has decided not to power up. I first replaced the fuse and when flipping the switch it immediately blows the fuse. I have checked the power...
  20. Avatar won't be released in 3D this year?!?!

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    Someone told me this yesterday and I couldn't believe it. All the hype and hoopla about 3D TVs and the movie that pushed us to this brink won't be released in 3D? :coocoo: Makes me go "Hmmmmm..." to all the marketing hype surrounding 3D TVs. Did a little research to find out that it is in...