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  1. Rythmik? Eating my words.

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    A while back, I started a thread inquiring about the JBL LSR4312SP subwoofer. Although you guys twisted my arm to go with something with a lower frequency spectrum, I remained stand-offish. Besides not believing I needed the extra low frequency extension, I had other reasons, which I kept to...
  2. need your advice, in other words HELP!

    I am new to your site, but am blown away with how much talent i see with your advice to others, I (hope to download pic) would love to hear your words of wisdom about this 61SDX01B ultravision (Hitachi) I have read lots of stuff about the convergance issues however I (not knowing much) dont...
  3. Alleged Dev Has Harsh Words For Alpha Protocol

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Alleged Dev Has Harsh Words For Alpha Protocol 06/01/2010 Written by Zak Islam Alpha Protocol has been released in Europe already and is being launched today in North America. The game has since received a lukewarm reception from players and pundits alike. The RPG espionage...
  4. Making an audio DVD with words...

    Pro Audio
    I want to take recorded mp3 songs and put them on a DVD with the words being shown on the video screen. Similar to Karaoke, but not with the words highlighted as you sing... the words can just be there. What software do I need for this? Thanks!
  5. I think I am ready to buy the Epson 6100. Any final words of advice?

    Home Theater Projectors
    Theater is 23 long, 10 wide and 7 high. No windows at all, canned lights in the ceiling and sconces on the walls which will all be on dimmers but probably off when the movies start. The PJ will be ceiling mounted above the front sofa. I have done distance calculations and believe (I am at...
  6. catch words and your definition.

    AV Home Theater
    I have been reading a lot of reviews, forum opinions and similar rhetoric on speakers and amps both DIY and off the shelf. What I seem to be reading a lot of recently are undefined adjectives like transparency, soundstage, detail, speed, etc. What I am slowely getting anoyed with is that this...
  7. Famous Last Words

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Famous Last Words This is General Custer speaking. Men, don't take prisoners! Of course they're mushrooms. Toadstools come to a point. When it says empty, there's always a gallon or two left. If you knew anything, you wouldn't be a traffic cop! Gimme a match, I think the gas tank is...