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  1. Places to promote my resume writing business.

    Chat Box SWAMP
    I'm trying to think of websites/forums to post the link to my resume writing businesses website. Since "everyone" needs a resume I feel like I could post it anywhere. The trouble is, I don't want to drop a ton of cash into online ads since when I've done so in the past it's all for not. The ROI...
  2. For me the writing is on the wall on HTdepot.com updated with pic's

    Manufactured Screens
    Hi All, I purchased a 2.35:1 Focupix grey screen from HTDepot.com March 30, 2010 and have had nothing but broken promises (and a dead end to "Your screen is coming from china but it may be awhile before it gets here" Would you like a white one we have those) No. I ordered grey for the Panasonic...
  3. The best tool for writing

    Pro Audio
    I like to ask this question: What is the best tool for writing? ...an instrument, paper and pencil, portable recorder, ...
  4. Problem writing House Curve files

    REW Forum
    Hello, I am having a little trouble writing a few house curve files. I need to create three curve because I am going to equalize my mains speakers and their "Sub Inputs" The Mains in will roll off below 50htz. The "Sub In" will roll off above 50htz I would like the combined curve to start at...