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  1. Manufactured Screens
    Hi All, I purchased a 2.35:1 Focupix grey screen from HTDepot.com March 30, 2010 and have had nothing but broken promises (and a dead end to "Your screen is coming from china but it may be awhile before it gets here" Would you like a white one we have those) No. I ordered grey for the Panasonic...
  2. Pro Audio
    I like to ask this question: What is the best tool for writing? ...an instrument, paper and pencil, portable recorder, ...
  3. REW Forum
    Hello, I am having a little trouble writing a few house curve files. I need to create three curve because I am going to equalize my mains speakers and their "Sub Inputs" The Mains in will roll off below 50htz. The "Sub In" will roll off above 50htz I would like the combined curve to start at...
1-3 of 6 Results