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  1. WS-55807 bowed image and seperated colors

    I've got a WS-55807 that I've had since 2000. About 4-5 years ago I had a board or two replaced by a technician while it was still under warranty. Up until today it was working perfectly fine. I went to turn it on earlier today and it wouldn't display an input and with the menu up it really...
  2. WS-55807 Image Too Big?

    I am having a minor issue with my Mitsu WS-55807. I have it connected to a digital tuner via coax and an HTPC via component breakout cable. Regardless of what device I am using or how the image is formatted, when I have the TV set to "Normal" mode, the image will extend slightly off the left...
  3. FS: parting out mits ws-55807

    Classifieds - Video Displays and Projectors
    i have the electronics and screen from a ws-55807 if anyone needs any parts. I was told it had a Defective Flyback xansformer (High Voltage Transformer) and it was not available. I took all the electronics out and scrapped the cabinet. I will see parts really reasonable if anyone is in the need...
  4. WS-55807 Component Question

    I acquired a Mitsu WS-55807 from a friend who was going to throw it away. It had some minor screen burn in and had issues with image convergence. The burn in was barely visible and after poking around inside the TV and some research, I was able to fix the convergence issue by replacing the...
  5. Various issues WS-55807

    I am having more problems with my TV. I had this issue before which I fixed... http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/mitsubishi/24151-mitsubishi-ws-55807-wont-turn.html All was well until a short time ago. I the lost the picture and had a trouble code 23 which I researched and found that I...
  6. Mitsubishi WS-55807

    Hi, I have had the above referenced TV for 7 years. This morning when turning it on, we got no power. No green light, no clicking, no nothing. I changed the plugs, tried to get error codes, got no juice whatsoever. Is this a fuse, or something cheap that can be fixed manually? I called around...
  7. Want to swap WS-55807 Signal board

    I have a WS-65807 that has been diagnosed with a bad signal board for which there are no available replacements. I did not get any more detail on the board other than that it was bad. I found a WS-55807 on craigslist and picked it up pretty cheap thinking I could change out the signal boards...
  8. ws-55807 Mitsubishi Won't Turn On

    My Mitsubishi has been a great TV for 10 years. I just upgraded to a plasma. Turned the Mitsubishi off this past Saturday and moved it 10'. Guy comes over to buy it and the Timer button just blinks. It won't turn on. HELP! The picture was perfect 5 days ago. Does it make any difference that it...
  9. WS-55807 Deflection board problem?

    I have a 55807 (V17 Chassis) with a 2-3 deflection code. Pulled the chassis and have it on the bench, removed the deflection and power/convergance boards from the plastic frame. Gone thorugh the deflection board with a fine tooth comb. HOT is good, HV Out is good, Vertical Out looks good...
  10. Mitsubishi ws-55807 - may huck it into the street soon...

    hey there - we've taken a break from banging our heads against this behemoth of a tv and decided to look for some folks who are much smarter than we are and see if we can't get some help. :) new here so assuming it's ok to just post a question in this manner. here goes: picture started doing...
  11. Mitsubishi WS-55807 won't turn on

    Hello, I have a Mitsubishi WS-55807. When the power button on the TV or remote is pushed I hear a click, the green power button comes on for 2-3 seconds, then there is a click and the light goes back out. No image ever appears on the screen. Anybody have a thought on what I can attempt repair...
  12. Mitsubishi WS-55807

    Hello! :) Okay, on my Mitsubishi WS-55807 I have a bowing problem. The top and bottom are bowed. http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/2439/picture042uk6.jpg http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/9064/picture043et6.jpg How would you suggest I fix it? :)
  13. WS-55807 Picture & Audio problem

    I have a WS-55807 which was made in 2001. About a month ago, the audio and the picture messed up, the audio went out first, followed by the picture the next morning. When the audio gave out, the set made a loud bang/pop sound and the volume became really loud, as if I turned the volume near...
  14. WS-55807 error code 2-1

    Hi, new to the forum. I have the Mits WS55807 for over 6 years, the screen just went black yesterday, after many research, the error code is 2-1 and it seems related to high voltage protection. Does anyone have the service manual that can help me in fixing the problem. or anyone have the same...
  15. Mitsubishi WS-55807 V17 chassis service mode access

    Can anyone tell me exactly how to access service mode?
  16. Mitsubishi WS-55807 V17 chassis service mode access

    Hi, First off Leonard, thanks for all you do. I traded 4 hours of bench time for a nice old WS55807, and it looks good until I turn the contrast up to where it looks best. Then I get red smears on the right side of vertical images. I haven't opened it up yet but I think it's either a matter of...