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  1. Mitsubishi
    I rescued this set from going to the local dump. I have another, a 65311, and thought I could use this for parts until I got it home and realized it was different (it was 1 am, couldn't see model numbers, lol). However, it does fire up, and has a crisp picture. It worked great for about a week...
  2. Mitsubishi
    Hello, I have the Mitsubishi WS-65809 and the issue I am having is the TV green light will come on for about 4 seconds and then the TV will Power off,. If i leave the TV unpluged for a while and Plug it back it usually will start. Any ideas what the issue can be so i can attempt to fix myself...
  3. Mitsubishi
    I have a mitsubishi WS-65809 Projection Tv with the v-18 chassis and the dreaded dead set with a 22 blink Code. I have Read thru several Forums and Internet Tips Hoping for some tips to my Problem. I Understand it is a Protect Mode and it is usually the IC's, Pico Fuses, Resistors etc... Please...
1-3 of 3 Results