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  1. Mitsubishi 42 tv wt-42311 won't stay on

    My Mitsubishi 42 tv wt-42311 shut off today while watching it, and evey time I try to turn it on the green led comes on and then shuts right off. I've had it for over eight years and a 9 mths ago the buttons on the panel stop working, so I can only turn it on with remote control. I try to get...
  2. Mitsubishi WT-42311 error 21

    Hi, I am working on a WT-42311 and it has an error 21 (X-Ray Protect circuit) code. I was wondering what x-ray protect circuit is? I am fairly knowledgeable in repair of electronics but I have worked on few tv's and none with something labeled x-ray protect. Just wondering what it is, hoping...
  3. WT-42311 fails to turn on, T/S

    Hello everyone, I have a Mitsu WT-43211 that fails to turn on. Has the typical fault that I have read on the posts. When the power is selected on, the green led flashes and a click is heard and it fails to turn on. Holding the menu and input shows the 2 pause 2 fault code. I have removed the...
  4. wt-42311 - no picture, 2-1 error

    Went out last night. There was a low "fzzz" sound, then the picture went out. Tried to power on, it would come on for a few seconds, and I could hear an low buzz, then it went off. Left it over night and tried today. It powers on (greeen light), but still no picture. With power off, I...
  5. Mitsubishi WT-42311

    I have a WT-42311. Suddenly, the image is deformed. There's some convergence issues that don't resolve when running the convergence diagnostic. Also, there's a bowed arc of light at the top of the screen. After pressing Menu and Input, I get the 2-1 error indicating the X-Ray Protect...
  6. Mits WT-42311 - Removing Main PCB?

    Hi All, I am attempting a IC replacement to fix a convergence issue on this set. Got it for $20 from a friend, so thought it would be a good project, as with the IC chips, I shouldn't have more than $75 invested. I am about to remove the main PCB and have a question about the one of the leads...