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  1. Mits WT-46807 different errors

    Hello. I recently purchased a "new to me" RPTV. I had it for 3 days and it worked without issue. When I came home today, I turned the power on, thought I heard it turn on, but yet there was no picture and no sound. I have since been able to get the picture back up but then the sound gets VERY...
  2. WT-46807 No Picture

    My TV turns no but there is no picture. Not sure about sound because I run that through my reciever. But when I press menu on the TV nothing happens. I was able to get an error code from the power light - 1 Flash, pause, then 2 quick flashes. Can someone please let me know what this could be...
  3. Mitsubishi WT-46807

    I've searched this forum for an answer... sorry if this is a repeat. Very simple: When I turn on the WT-46807 the green power light is on for about a second, then the TV clicks off. It does this whether I try to use the remote or the TV power button (below the screen). I did a little digging...
  4. Mistubishi WT-46807 - No Video, No Sound

    Hi all. About two weeks the TV started exhibiting fluctuating sound levels, then quite quickly the picture started getting all kinds of lines/waves that made it pretty much unwatchable. If you unpluged it, it would go away for a short time but eventually it returned and got worse. The final...
  5. WT-46807 lost picture and sound

    A few days ago, upon turning it on, my WT-46807 (owned since new in Jan/01) displayed no picture and no sound. Before that, it worked perfectly. It has about 1,500 hours on it total -- it's been a home theater TV only since mid-2005. It has about 1000 hours on it 2001-mid 2005 and about 500...