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  1. Adjusting gain on X-amp?

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    I picked up some X-amps off the classifieds and one of them has a much higher gain than the other three (like 10dB louder with the same signal). I opened them up to see if I could see anything that looked like a way to adjust it but nothing jumped out at me. Any ideas? Also all of them - with...
  2. X-amp vs Acurus 200x3

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    Question for you folks out there, I'm on the waiting list for 3 refurbished X-amps that are supposed to sell for 150 each. I have the opportunity to pick up an Acurus 200x3 from someone local (EJD from av123forum) for around 350. From the reviews I've read, the Acurus is a solid amp, albiet...
  3. AV123 x-amp update posted at av123forum...

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