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  1. xover Points For Center and Surrounds

    System Setup and Connection
    Is there a standard xover point for these speakers? The booklet that came with the speakers says 150hz minimum?
  2. 2nd Order X-Over reverse the woofer?

    DIY Speakers
    I wasnt quite sure what the phase is doing between the tweeter annd the woofer. Thats why u ran some simulations. Crossover frequency is 1.9kHz. Obove is tweeter air motion transformer AMT, thats why purely resistive. Below is the woofer, having 0,7mH inductance and 5.8 Ohm active reistance...
  3. Phasing At The Acoustic Xover Point

    REW Forum
    Can someone show me examples of correct phasing at this point?
  4. Component car audio speakers (passive xover) be wired in series?

    DIY Audio
    My roommate absolutely loves my way too bright car audio mids/tweets. For a home audio (gaming/music) system would it be possible to wire 3 speakers / 3 tweets into a single channel to get them from the 2ohm load they are to a 6ohm (so the receiver doesn't have a heart attack)? In my mind it...
  5. Change X-over on sub channel in HDMI ASIO output

    REW Forum
    I'm using ASIO with REW to access 5.1 using HDMI output. However, the LFE channel seems to be set at a fixed x-over frequency and rolls off around 60 Hz. The other channels playback fine with full bandwidth. I tried googling this, but apparently few has raised this question. Does anyone happen...
  6. How to set Xover gains?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    This is how I am setting my Minidsp (actually MiniSharc) crossover levels with REW: 1) Set all EQ to flat 2) Turn off HF amp. 3) Send pink noise to LF driver amp and adjust gain for 75db on SPL meter. 4) Now switch off the LF amp and turn on the HF amp. 5) Adjust HF gain for 75db reading...
  7. x-over Box build

    DIY Speakers
    I got some NHT M-60s from Jack Hidley a while back and am only now getting around to building the crossovers for them. The speakers were originally all-active, but Jack Hidley designed a passive crossover for them, which is what I will be using. This is a build thread for the crossover boxes.
  8. LFE filtered by Xover Setting?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    So I learned recently that Pioneer receivers actually filter the LFE channel based on Xover settings. I tested my receiver and confirmed, after which I posted this... "Well,, this is disappointing. Now I gotta go back and rewatch all of my movies. I did confirm what was stated here recently by...
  9. minidsp to model passive x-over?

    DIY Speakers
    i am new to speaker designing and the passive x-over seems very intimidating to me. i understand basic electrical stuff but i have been reading about passive x-over design and i must say its hard for me to wrap my head around since alot conflict each other with personal preference. the aproach i...
  10. Overnight Sensations X-over question

    DIY Speakers
    This is my first build and first time putting together a crossover, so I'm sorry for the total noob questions in advance. I purchased the kit from Meniscus and they provided a layout for the crossover, but I still need some clarifications as follows: 1. The layout (attached) has the inductors...
  11. Driver Measurement and Xover Design

    REW Forum
    I wanted to pose some questions concerning the use of REW for generating individual driver measurements in the designing and testing of appropriate crossover networks. I've seen the topic addressed a few times on the forum yet not in any great detail. Understanding that the intended purpose of...
  12. Onkyo NR3007 Receiver xover terminology

    REW Forum
    I am a bit confused over the terminology used in the Onkyo Manual : Is the LPF of LFE freq setting the low pass filter cut off point? Does this come into play in stereo mode? I have been setting this to 120HZ when I measured the subwoofer for Room EQ . Is this the correct thing to do? Is...
  13. setting AVR Xover before running REW

    REW Forum
    a) Does it make sense to set the AVR mains Xover to 60 HZ prior to measuring the Sub response since that is were I intend to finally set the xover freq ? b) What max freq should I EQ to ? is 75HZ enough or should I go up to 90 or 100hz ? Obviously the higher the max freq the more filters are...
  14. Choosing x-over in Audyssey

    Audio Processing
    Do I need to choose "manual" (three options here manual, Audyssey and Off) in the Audio adjust/Audyssey settings/MultEQ XT to have the AVR use the x-overs I choose after running Audyssey setup? When I ran Audyssey and it choose 60/60/40Hz for the L/R, C and surrounds. I would like to have a...
  15. compression x-over slope

    DIY Speakers
    Hello all I've got a set of compression horn midrange drivers and would like to put a bandpass x-over on them,my question is if a 6db slope would be effective or should I go with 12db slope?
  16. Where to X-over front towers with built in subs

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hi all, In my previous set up i had an dedicated IB sub and all my surround speakers were high pass crossed over at 80 hz per THX recommendations. I still have my dedicated IB sub but my new front towers have built in 10" subs with a 250 amp. How should i cross over the subs built into the...
  17. Aligning Driver Phase - REW v5 Example

    REW Forum
    I saw a case study that provided good information regarding this subject for aligning the SW to Main speakers. The method I use for aligning a MR (aka MW) to a TW is somewhat different so here it is. This example uses a DCX2496 for XO and driver delays, but the process will be similar using...
  18. Xover current draw

    DIY Speakers
    Hi, I am in the middle of building new speaker enclosures for my scanspeak midrange and tweeter to be used in my home theatre, have the cabinets almost finished, and I have had madisound design the x-overs, my question is what sort of current are we looking at in the xovers, I have the Master...
  19. Connecting computer to receiver - multichannel xover

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi Guys, Another crazy project. I am trying to build some speakers and thought it would be fun to design & test crossovers using a computer (could be a mac or a PC). KEY QUESTION: Is there a home theater receiver that can receive 7 different DIGITAL cables of information and simultaneously do...
  20. Gizmo xover slope

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    Does anyone know the slope of the 100Hz xover in the Gizmo? I remember seeing a frequency response graph a while back, and I'm thinking it looked like a 12dB/octave slope, but can't be sure.