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  1. 2-ch vs 3-ch Amp

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    I am considering adding some outboard amplification to augment the output of my Onkyo TX-NR807 AVR but have not decided whether I want a 2 channel or 3 channel amp. I'm confident the AVR has enough power to drive my surrounds and, in the future, rear surrounds but I need to decide whether I...
  2. Emo XPA-2 Feedback?

    Two Channel Audio
    We may be replacing an amp soon, and are considering the XPA-2, as well as others. It will be used in a dedicated 2 channel system paired with a vacuum tube pre-amp. How does Emotiva rank when compared to Parasound, Adcom, or B&K? The build quality looks impressive, and the price is right...
  3. Emotiva XPA-2 power rating

    Two Channel Audio
    This was posted on the Emotiva forum the other day by Dann. G the Administrator. Thought I'd share. "As you know, we have always been conservative when it comes to rating our amplifiers, which runs counter to the norm. We usually round down a bit, picking a reasonable rating that we feel will...
  4. FS: Emotiva xpa-2 and xpa-5

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  5. Emotiva XPA-2 compared to Krell KAV 2250

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    Has anyone had a chance to listen to both of these amps? I have only lived with the KAV 2250 for a short time. The Emotiva has good reviews and I like the power. Thoughts? Thanks.
  6. Emotiva XPA-1 vs XPA-2

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    I am curious as to why someone would buy a pair of XPA-1's vs a pair of XPA-2's? The XPA-1 retails at $999 while the XPA-2 retails at $799. The XPA-2 offers 1000 watts bridged power and would be a total of $400 less money. XPA-1 Specs Power output...
  7. Emotiva RPA-2 or XPA-2

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Well, it's been over a year and I still have not decided on a new amp (or a new monitor for that matter), may be a matter of analysis paralysis :coocoo:. Anyway, other than the obvious power difference and analog VU vs. LED's, what is the big difference? Price is the same,..... I have seen...