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  1. XPA-2

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    Getting ready to pull trigger on 2 x XPA-2's ... someone stop me... !!! I plan on running them in MONO and having 2 big blocks of sound. Thought about getting the XPA1 but that starts to get very pricey. I plan to build some Statements or Clearwave 4TSE's for the new house HT
  2. Wanted emotiva xpa-2

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    Hello, I am considering an XPA-2 to push the FRT. L&R of my theater. If you have one that you are considering to sell I would be interested in hearing about it. Of course I am looking for a good deal. LOL Thanks for any help you might give. :help: REP Found, bought and soon to ship. Thanks if...
  3. Emotiva XPA-2 / XPA-5

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Anyone have any in depth info on these two new amps from Emotiva? At first glance they look very promising,...price, specs, etc.,....very tempting. I don't know a lot about amps, so maybe I'm wrong. Any expert opinions out there? My power hungry RBH speakers have been begging for more power...