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  1. XPA-5 Gen 2 Unboxing & Setup

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    Well it arrived Saturday morning, and after some speaker wire changing up for a proper setup with the addition of the new amp here are some photos: The outer box with some damage, holes straight through outer box. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] Outer Box Open. Manual sitting on top...
  2. Emotiva XPA-5 vs Anthem MCA 50

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    Hello all, I have a theater of RP3s, RC-7, RS-7s and a listening room of Golden Ear Triton two towers... I'm looking for the amp to run these. I am going to go with a 5 channel amp at first and then buy a 2 channel down the road. But for now the 5 channel will do both... of course not at the...
  3. Emotiva Audio Xpa-5

    Hi Are the inexpensive The Emotiva Audio XPA-5 Amps any good ?,Thank you, tazredboy
  4. NAD T955 or Emotiva XPA-5

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    I'm sorry for the newbish tone to this thread but I have focused my amp search on these two amps. Here is my setup: All Klipsch... RF-62ii, RC-3, RS-3 surrounds. My uses are 80% Movies 20% gaming and my room size is 21'x12'x8' I know Emotiva runs sales a few times a year but I missed the July...
  5. XPA-5 Trigger Question

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    I have an Onkyo 805 and use the pre-outs to have the Emotiva XPA-5 to handle the watts. I want to know what I need to get from where to have the trigger kick the XPA-5 on when the Onkyo is turned on. In addition, I currently have a fan plugged into the back of the onkyo to automatically turn...
  6. Emotiva XPA-2 / XPA-5

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    Anyone have any in depth info on these two new amps from Emotiva? At first glance they look very promising,...price, specs, etc.,....very tempting. I don't know a lot about amps, so maybe I'm wrong. Any expert opinions out there? My power hungry RBH speakers have been begging for more power...