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Hello everyone!

First off, thanks again to everyone for the replies to my first thread on hometheatershack. You guys rock!

Anyway, the other night, I was reading somewhere (cant remember where though, stupid beer) about a HT setup using 2 subs fed with a stereo signal and how this setup was somehow better than the classic mono setup. It just so happens, I have two 12" subs identical to the 15" sub I was planning to build my sonosub with and I got to wondering...

So, first question - is there any truth to what I was reading? Will sending stereo signals to a left and right sonosub sound better than a mono signal to a single sonosub? Now, I realize that obviously two subs will have more output than one, but will the stereo signal make it sound better in any way than a mono signal?

Second question - assuming the answer to the first question is yes, I'll need a stereo amp to power them, such as a behringer ep2500. How easy (or difficult) are pro-amps to hook up to a HT setup? Will I need any other equipment or can you just connect the amp to the receiver and the subs to the amp like you can with a dedicated subwoofer amp like the dayton amplifiers from PE? What do I do (if anything) about a low pass and a high pass subsonic crossover (or whatever it's called that filters out those nasty low low frequencies)? Don't forget that I'm a total HT newbie when it comes to pro amps!

Thanks again in advance for any help!

(my apologies if this thread is in the wrong section)
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