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15" Dayton HF Sealed Build

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Here are pics of my holiday project. I made a folded horn a couple months ago but it can't go as low as I want. I use a minidsp to send 15-40hz to the sealed sub and 40-120hz to the horn. A crown xls1000 drives both.
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The box volume before bracing was 4.3ft^3 so it's about 4ft^3. I used about 4lbs of stuffing too. The pic shows the room response after some tweaking. The horn definitely had some peaks and valleys when I started.
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Everything looks quite impressive. How does it all sound now?
I think it sounds really good. I had a radio station playing and I was surprised by the deep notes I never knew were in some of the songs :T I need a good new action movie to really test it out. I sat through The Fault in Our Stars with my wife :rolleyesno: , which wasn't a very good test.
Well there are plenty of action packed explosions in many movies so its a matter of your tastes.
Head over to the forum section of http://www.data-bass.com/home and peruse the list of heavy hitting movies :D. Those higher rated ones are nuts and are great for testing the limits of your sub!
Thanks for the link, haven't been to that forum before. Looks like I'll need to rewatch 9 :)
Thats a fun movie to watch with the bass hot. :D
Thanks for the link, haven't been to that forum before. Looks like I'll need to rewatch 9 :)
I have it... it's ok. Although you'll want to rewind the canon scene over and over :hsd:
Near the beginning when 9 discovers the body of his creator has a good low bass hit. My son yelled from the office in the next room that I was rattling things on the wall :bigsmile:
Those are some nice results. I assume you are happy with the HF in the 4^3 sealed box? I ask because I am about to start a project with mine but don't want to nor will have the time to build my own box. I was looking at flat packs on PE and noticed they have a 3cf pack designed for that driver, but I'm afraid it will start to roll off before my liking. So I was thinking about going with their 4cf pack and cutting my own baffle.

I've had this sub for a couple of years now and just threw together a particle board box 'temporarily' to get an idea of what size box I wanted to go with in the future. I also am using an amp that I got over 15 years ago and have no idea what it's output is, but I know it's not much. With those two things combined, it sounds like to be perfectly honest lol. Between air leaks and the amp clipping I get the oil can effect without really driving it hard.

I've got a little bit of free time during the next month or so, so I'm trying to decide what I want to do with this driver to get the most out of it, without building a huge ported box. I'll probably purchase an inuke3000 to pair it with in case I decide to add another in the future.
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I wanted a larger box for more bottom end and a 4cf box fit exactly were a small table used to be, a plus for the WAF. The sub gets 350w from the xls1000 and it plays clean right up until amp clipping. It can reproduce those grin inducing lowest notes :laugh2: My wife heard the REW sweeps from the side yard, so I think I'm good :smile:
Thanks a million mende21, I think I'll go with the 4cf box from PE and figure out what amp i want to pair it with.
Tron legacy is a good demo. I also like the opening 7 minutes or so of Prometheus.

You can't go wrong with the flat packs from parts express. I noticed the prices have gone way up in the last 6 months or so.
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