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15" vented end tables!

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I should have taken more pictures of this build, but I did most of the assembly in a hurry one night after the rest of the family was in bed. Anyway, I had a full marty with a Dayton classic 15 that sounded amazing but I was suffering from massive room gain in one corner and the inability to relocate the marty because of its size. I decided to make a pair of end tables each with a down-firing Dayton Classic 15 powered with an Inuke 1000DSP. One of my concerns was making sure that I could set things on them without spilled drinks and broken lamps. I made them out of Maple plywood and Poplar face frames / legs and stained with dark walnut Minwax penetrating stain and finished with poly. I then inserted the top with a piece of Quartz, which works in my favor for extra weight to keep the vibrations to a minimum. They have a volume of 4.25 cubic feet and are tuned to 18Hz. Of course everything is glued together, braced and probably over built for what they are. Once I got them tuned with some EQ, they sound amazing. I have the corner loaded sub turned down about 8db and they blend very well. When they go low, they really shake the couch more than I imagined. The end of the couch that is away from the corner was the area that had about a 10db drop compared to sitting in the corner seat with the full marty in front of it. Now you get the full experience anywhere on the couch. I am not putting much power to them, but I think that I benefit from a ton of room gain with my couch directly against the wall. I know that everyone says that two subs are better than one, and I really am seeing the benefits now. Thanks to everyone on here who has helped me through both of my builds. Let me know what you think.


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Those look amazing and blend seamlessly with the decor. The fact you like how they sound is icing on the cake. Well done. :T
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Nice looking furniture! Very nice with the decor.

I had a pair of furniture grade Altec’s that did double duty...speakers and end tables. These had what Altec called a bi-flex speaker, 15 inch.
Wow, they look great!
Those end tables came out nice as h3ll!
I have to hand it to you. They look great as in they absolutely disappear in the room. I bet that room is quite the “sleeper” haha. Friends sit down expecting a movie & BOOM they are smack dab in the explosion!! Hey if you are happy with the performance & sound that’s all that matters.
I tip my hat to you sir
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