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16:9 Screen Vs. 2.37:1 CIH Screen

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These drawings show how the two different systems work, when it comes to screen size, image size, and aspect ratio..

The first one is for 2.35:1 DVD's..

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Have you had this problem of light leaking onto the screen..or does the lens help to block this off.?
In the my case, the light leak is up higher than the screen, close to the ceiling. It is light coming out the exhaust vent.

Don't let the problems I have high lighted put you off. The projector is still very very good, but I have identified and reported the problems and thought I would share them here...

Probably your best bet would be China..I had the name of a lens manufacturer in China who would make up any type of lens..and in relatively small quantities..I'll see if I can dig it up..
That would be very good if you could Prof, thanks...

Actually it's the same for me...The player stays on WIDE all the time and I just have to press 4 x 3 on the projector remote to go to 16:9..:bigsmile:
Yes, that is it :)

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Mark..This is the Chinese lens maker I was referring to..

You might even find something suitable off the shelf..
Thanks Prof :D

BTW..I have a BenQ W5000 and am looking a getting or making a lens. I've heard good things about these projectors and was suaded over the Sony's, which I could get cheaper, for this one. I have a Screen Innovations Reference 92" 16:9 screen new in the box but am going to sell it and make a 110" 2:35:1 screen. I think in white? 1.0 gain? I'm not sure what my throw will be but I will probably hang the screen then move the projector back until I get the height correct on the v stretch mode and put it there on the ceiling. Will I need the anamorphic lens in place first before I do that? Might be hard to do? I might have to have two people hep me to do that?
Here in the first pic is my DIY 16:9 painted screen and the second is DIY 2:39 painted screen. You can see the size difference between the steinman audio center and my DIY center in the second pic with my DIY sub.


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Nice job Troy..:T
What paint did you finish up using on the screen?
Thanks Prof used British Paints Ultra Flat white designed for projector screens. I used my existing wall as it was in great condition. 2 coats with a mohair roller with a 75mm flat black border the screen is 2:39 130" cheap total cost 2L ultra flat $30AU bunnings flat black 500ml $8.70AU TOTAL $38.70AU BARGAIN! The room is painted in MOJO flat. Its like a dark blue purple mix.
I hadn't realised that it was a 130" screen..That's quite a big screen and it sounds like you did it all for a very low price..Well done :T
This should be asked in the Screen Discussion forum..
Post moved..
I see a lot of anamorphic lens for sale on eBay for cameras and movie projectors... Would these work? I ask this because I see them from $100-$1000, which is way cheaper than a store bought anamorphic lens for a projector. What would I look for in a lens if I want to buy one and then DIY the mounting sled?My room is 23' long and I am looking at a 14' wide 2.40 CH screen.

One of the problems with using camera or cinema projector lenses is the diam. of the lens..
As you know, anamorphic lenses generally use large diam lenses..e.g ISCO and the Prismatic lenses..because you need to keep reduction in light transmission to a minimum..
In your case using a very wide CIH screen, you're going to need all the light you can get!
I would look for a second hand ISCO or similar lens..
With the advent of memory lens projectors, there should be some second hand anamorphic lenses around..
There is a variation in post number 1 that you are not showing I believe...
If you set your height for no border top or bottom on a 16x9 image, and then zoom in with a 2.37 image (of course you need to have a screen that is wide enough for the 2.37)... You will not have any bars when you view a 2.37 movie, and you can mask the sides when you have a 16x9 movie (and unzoom), correct? I am asking this because I just picked up a Panasonic AE8000 with power zoom, focus, and memory.
Yes that is correct..The diagrams on page one just show the effect of adding an anamorphic lens with no zoom and stretching the image electronically to fill the screen top and bottom..The lens then expands the image to fill the width of the screen..

If your projector has memory lens, then no zooming is required..apart from some initial zoom when you first setup the 16:9 image on the 2.37 screen.. You then just set the correct aspect ratio in the menu and you usually have a button on the remote to switch between the two AR's..At least that's how mine is setup..
Below is me unboxing and testing the Epson 6040ub/ 9300. Very happy with it so far! Most would be more than happy with it. If you watch any sport or play games then you should be leaning towards a 16:9 but then rooms can play a big part too but although I game a lot I love CIH and will go a 135" 2.37:1 AT screen in the new house

Gaming is insane on it - Battlefield 1 on PC
Nice projector!..:T It should look brilliant on a 135" 2.37 screen..
2:35.1 is the way to go...........I'm looking to go scope curve next.


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