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So here is the stuff I have for the build:
2 QSC PLX 3402
2 Exodus Mal-X 18"
4 Exodus 18" Passive Radiators (washers for 1625g each with bolts for tune)
Reckhorn B2
1 Crown K2 (currently driving 2 12" cheapo subs I have now)

I bought this all a while ago and then wired a new 20A circuit so I wouldn't have any power issues but then had other things come up that were more pressing. I am finally getting back ready to build these subs and trying to figure what my best option would be.

I have some limitations on placement due to having all of my stereo equipment behind a kids play fence to keep my 2yo out of it. The overall space I will have to fit these into will be: 36" length x 45" width x 4.5'-5.5' height. I would also need to leave space for connectors in the rear and 4" or more around woofers and PRs. Any other sizes will require moving a lot of stuff and not sure my better half will be happy with that. She is also worried that this much bass will be overkill (as an engineer with lifetime love of big bass, there is no such thing...) but she thinks I will have to sell one after using them for a while and not being able to turn them up very often.

1) My current thought is to build 26" cubes and stack them. I would probably just start with 1, then could build the second one after evaluating this first box. This still gives me an option of downsizing easily if it does come to that or would allow multiple placement and I don't have to build both to know if it will be too much. Something like vili built: http://www.hometheatershack.com/for...cube-maelstrom-x-dual-page-ranking-build.html

2) Start by building a wider box in the 36" range with 24"-26" height and depth. Again could build second one of these or a cube to sit on top of this. Still gives options with 2 boxes and would be bigger for lower tune. If I did have to downsize to one, this would be a better sub than a cube.

3) Build one bigger box that will still fit in my area. Have to build in both subs and no way to easily down-size later. The other downside is that the wife might not be happy with the size of this one. I was thinking something like harleyhualer-sc02, only it'd have to be smaller: http://www.hometheatershack.com/for...216-dual-maelstrom-xs-quad-page-rankings.html

Any other suggestions for PR configurations? Or thoughts on my options?
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