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180 inch screen: what paint to use?

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I’ve scoured the internet researching DIY projector wall paint over the last few days, and HTS has been a goldmine of info. These forums have been amazing, and I’ve learned so much! But I still have questions...

I am looking for a simple, budget-friendly but good quality paint solution for my budding home theater. This place is a rental and I probably won’t be here more than a year, so something in the $50 or less range is preferable (I think need one gallon of paint for my screen size), unless there’s some stand-out paint that is available for up to $100. The room mates would like a white (or very light gray) paint, as this is a multi-use room, not a dedicated home theater. Because of this, and the extra labor of mixing the paint, they are not in favor of the Black Widow option… Also, we will be rolling it on, s a paint that dries smoothly is important.

So what's the best gallon of paint for $50 or less?
Do I go with white? If light gray will be better than white for my set-up, what tint should I use?
What else should I know that I’m not asking?

I live in Chicago, so have access to a lot of stores, including Home Depot, Menards, Sherwin Williams, Lowes...

My set-up:
• Optoma HD141X projector. About 20 foot projection distance. About 180” screen. 15-16 fL brightness, according to pjcentral. Projection from coffee table hight.
• Viewing distance ranges from 15-22 feet.
• Moderate-low ambient light at day, coming from opposite end of the room from the screen wall; very dark at night. Light cream/warm off-white matte painted walls, white matte ceiling.

Thanks in advance, HTS community!
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I would suggest to go either with the white base of Benjamin Moore 515 or with Tundra 2133.
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