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Hey all, long-time lurker, first time poster here. I am having a two different 'issues' with my sammy hlt6176s. The set is almost a year old now (purchased late sept 07/delivered early oct 07). It is still under warranty and I did purchase an extended warranty that includes one bulb replacement through Best Buy.

The first issue I had/have has to to with the image not being aligned properly on the screen, the image was actually 'rotated' clockwise about 1 cm. I only noticed it when I was watching programming that was in letterbox format. I contacted Samsung and since I am in a "no coverage" area they contacted a local repair shop that they work with and they came out and looked at the TV. The service tech came out and said that the light engine (DMD) was not aligned correctly. The problem is that the all of the adjustments for the light engine are manual meaning he had to loosen screws and manually try to align the light engine while I was watching the screen and telling him what direction the correction needed to be made. Since I had a full-screen image on, I wasn't paying attention to the vertical alignment and know the image is 2cm right of center. I noticed this when I brought up the on-screen menu and far right image is carried over to the far left. Also the top of the image is level, but the bottom is high by 1cm on the right.

My questions regarding this issue are: 1) is there a better way to adjust the DMD rather than the loosening the screws and manually adjusting while someone watches the image. And 2) could the issue of the bottom of the image being high on the right be due to the screws that 'suck in' the DMD to the light engine not being tightened enough causing the bottom right corner (from the front) of the DMD to not be at the proper distance from the screen?

My second issue is way simpler to describe, the last two weeks my wife and I have noticed that there seems to be a brightness 'flicker' to the image that comes and goes. Adjusting the brightness has no effect on the flicker. Any ideas on this?

Sorry for the someone long post, thanks in advance for all your help.

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IIRC, there are position adjustments on the light engine and tilt adjustments on the mirror. You need a service manual to sort it out. I do not have the manual on that set to check, but I think it is similar to the smaller version of the set. As the sets get larger, there are more problem with geometry. The cabinet is plastic and they flex. You need to be sure that the set is placed on a very flat surface and adjust it on the surface upon which it will be used.
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