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2 MFW Turbos

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Hello everyone. I had two MFW15's at one time and after the first amp bit it I upgraded one to a turbo from Kevin. It sounded great with
and an unupgraded mfw. Well my second one finally bit the dust so I ordered another upgrade from Mark Seaton this time that has a little bit different amp and sub but is very similiar to the turbo from Kevin. Individually they sound great but when I had them both hooked up (Both located in the front left corner) They were fighting eachother. I asked mark about it and he told me there was some latency on the new one with the dsp that he worked on. So I have a minidsp that I added some delay into the original turbo and they sound better, I also had to invert the polarity of the new ss as well. Tell me what you think of this graph and maybe what I could do to even the response a bit too. Three lines, One with both working and two with each individual sub running.


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I would try to separate them, and go from there. Is there a reason you co-located them?

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Mainly room constraints. We have a fireplace in the right corner and a built in nook for the subs in the other corner
I would use that mini dsp and pull down the 35-50 range. My guess is the sound is a little boomy. I might cross a little higher too, but trust your ears. That's what counts.
Do you have any room in the back for a sub?

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i can try that. What should I enter in for settings?

The back wall is a walkway to the rest of the basement so I will not be able to put one there.

Potentially I may be able to place them on the side walls but they may look out of place.
They might look out of place, but for me, without a WAF to contend with it would be worth a try. I've never used a minidsp(only wish I had one). I have a BFD, but I would try a filter centered at 45hz with a negative gain of -5 to -7 with a fairy wide "Q" value to cover from about 30-60hz. This will pull down in a "v" shape at the center frequency. The Q determines how wide the V is. What is your crossover set at? And what are your mains. Btw, if anyone else has a better suggestion, c'mon in. That's where I'd start, and see what happens.

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I built Elusive 1099's for my mains. Crossover set at 80hz. Ill plug into the dsp later this morning.
Those mains look nice. Seems people like them.

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Did you ever get a chance to play with the minidsp?

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I did. Just took some measurements. I also hooked up a very old PA AMPLIFIER to my dead MFW and put it next to the couch. It makes some bad noise once in a while that I have to find out how to protect it using the dsp also.


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Final with 3 filters.
1. Boost at 29 with 6 gain and q of 6.8
2 Negative 4 at 34 with a q of 4.4
3. Boost of 5.8 at 46 with q of .5

Any better Ideas?
I think it looks ok I have no Idea what I am looking at with the waterfall. Looks like the upper f is decaying faster than the lower

All this is without the third sub. The 3rd sub really messed things up. Anyone know a good baseline to start with for dsp of a mfw 15 with an external amp?

I have it facing the couch side where I sit and it is pretty awesome to have nearfield.


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Only time for quick post.
I think you'll want to set the graph limits for, 45db low, and 105db high. This will give a more accurate picture. Then readdress the minidsp. However, even with the same window as before it does look better. Nice.

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I didnt even notice the graph was off. Sorry
We watched Xmen Apacolypse last night and wow the subs really came alive. Crazy loud.

Very Very happy right now. Wife not so much
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