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26" Cube, Maelstrom-X dual PR build

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I figure I would make a thread with my build. I made a variation on SturmMDs build and made it 26" so that I could center the PRs in the cabinet. I am using a Crown XS1200 to power this, 3kw at 4ohm mono. I have a Gen II Maelstrom-X, I had a Gen I, but it was defective and Kevin replaced it, so Kudos to him for awesome customer service. After bracing and drivers the internal should be about 7.5 cubic feet and modelling in winisd gives a tune around 17hz. I am using 14 washers on the PRs and have about 1750g total weight on them. I have tried the sub with various levels of fill and will get into that later. Using an SMS-1 with a 17hz subsonic filter to EQ and a Pioneer SC05 crossed over at 100hz. Feel free to ask any questions.

At the time I didn't have any tools (just bought a used table saw for $60 last week) so I had a cabinet maker friend help me build the enclosure. This is my first DIY anything.

We rounded over the outer baffle with a 1/2" roundover bit and a 1.25" on the outside of the box if my memory recalls.

The most work was probably the prepping for painting really. Betwen filling imperfections with wood putty, sanding, wiping down the entire enclosure, do a coat of primer, then do the same thing a time or two before we just sanded/wiped down and painted. It was a lot of work.

Then we started the black paint, we did 2 coats of black and then 1 coat of high gloss. Some of the pics are kinda dusty/fuzzy...sorry about that.

I did a lot of sanding, perhaps a bit more than I needed to, but I wanted a good looking enclosure.

Here is the finished product in my room:

I also bought a custom made subdude HD in a 26" cube configuration, I can take pics if you want and put them up.

At the moment I've been playing around with fill and things of that nature.
This is the uneq'ed mael with fill in my room

Here is a pic of the mael with 6-7 pounds of fill eq'ed

About half that

And then no fill

After a suggestion by Ricci, turned off all of the EQ and did a measurement from about 2" away from the center of the mael just to see what it would look like and this is it

After I did that I rememebered that my Ascend Sierra's put out the test tone sweep as well so I disconnected them and this is a nearfield measurement with nothing but the Maelstrom.

It sounds great, but the graphs show something kind of weird, I assumed that a sub should be relatively flat to it's tuning, but I get a big hump in the mix with no EQ, any thoughts?
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Hey bro. The notch in your driver response in the un eq'd close graph should be your tune looks like it's 18ish. That was the main reason I wanted you to do that test. You forgot to turn off or raise your crossover in your Pioneer SC-05 didn't you? No big deal. That will roll off the >80hz frequencies and make the response appear a bit humped. Other than that I'm not familiar with the SMS-1 or it's mic, so it could have a bit of proximity effect to it or something.

If you did want to add another, the XS1200 should be enough to drive both of them pretty well. Did you end up doing a fan mod? I forget.
Just be careful man. That is a LOT of amp for one driver to handle.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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