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Ok can anyone see amy major problems with using two 12" drivers in one box (sealed )...Oh! I must add that i'd have one driver forward facing and one rear facing..

The reason being to keep the front small on the sub.

I'll be using two boxes like that,so thats 4x12" drivers

The reason being that I plan on putting my mid/bass+tweeter in a box on top.
So really I don't want to go too large for the subs but want enough LF extension and SPL.
really wanting a solid response down below 30hz (20 would be nicer) in a very large room.

Tossing between Exodus Shiva 12"s or Peerless 12"s.
With Winisd the Peerless is needing about 100Litres as oppossed to the Shivas with nearly 200litres.

The smaller boxes would be preferable but I'm stuck with understanding the difference between gain and spl on the Winisd charts.
The Peerless looks better on the SPL chart but the Shiva looks better on the gain chart???

The system will be all active with EQ in the bass aswell.

So some help would not go astray..


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Also along the way I have learned that to drivers sharing one box require less volume than two drivers with their own space,news to me but all good.

Also the cabinet vibration cancellation aspect is very appealing.

Just wondering about excess boundry gain (boom) with the rear facing drivers?

But one thing with the Shivas they seem to need twice thw power of the Peerless for any given volume.
Not that its a problem just a note
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