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3 JTR Quintuple 8's and JTR Captivator

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This is an aaaaamzing opportunity.

I love these speakers but am moving. Here is your chance to save some serious cash. These speakers KILL everything else out there, especially at this price... The Captivator is amazingly musical. the music quality on it changed my outlook on what quality bass should be.

3500 for the Quintuples in Baltic Birch (superior to current MDF models) with textured finish -
Cost 4500+ shipping when new. Save over $1200

700 for Captivator - $1100 shipped when new - Barely used for one month

$4000 for both

Local pickup in NJ


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I will throw in a ep2500 for the $4000 price of taking everything.

$4000 buys you a complete Home theater that can fill an auditorium with reference level. Just add surrounds. Total was about $6000 new just a couple months ago!
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