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$300 budget for Driver and Amp. Need suggestions!

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I am building my first DIY sub and need suggestions on the best combo for a driver and amp <$300. Either can be used, I would prefer a new driver however. I have plenty of room for a big cabinet, and have woodshop experience.

I will be building a sealed cabinet, and would be open to a passive or active sub. Whatever will help out the budget the most!
Oh yea, I am probably 70/30 for Music/HT
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I would try to have the port down firing but then you would have to add some sort of legs to give the port clearance. I also read somewhere that a down firing port can also minimize port related noises.

Mike makes good point about watching that nothing get dropped down the port if you place it on top. If you are going to have it on top I would really recommend some sort of grill to protect from anything falling in.
Nice design!

Can't wait to follow your progress.
1 - 2 of 44 Posts
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