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$300 budget for Driver and Amp. Need suggestions!

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I am building my first DIY sub and need suggestions on the best combo for a driver and amp <$300. Either can be used, I would prefer a new driver however. I have plenty of room for a big cabinet, and have woodshop experience.

I will be building a sealed cabinet, and would be open to a passive or active sub. Whatever will help out the budget the most!
Oh yea, I am probably 70/30 for Music/HT
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Woo Hoo! Going to start working it on it shortly. My VERY last questions (I promise!):

1) How much fiberbglass insulation do you recommend?
2) What kind of glue do you recommend?
3) Is it okay to screw things together? (I never really noticed many screws on people's subs)

21 - 21 of 44 Posts
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