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3000/6000dsp HPF

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my old computer went down with all my saved data programs for my inukes 3000 and 6000dsps. That said I need help again with setting the sub paprameter to around 15hz and 18hz. I had done this previously with a + and - filter and gain adjustment but can not recall what was done. if someone can help me along that would be great. as I am looking to reset 6 of my DIY subs. Thanks in advance.
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On Behringers website you can download the interface program to a laptop, then connect to the amps on USB. It's really fast and easy that way to change settings. Your settings should still be on the amps, unless they were reset somehow?
The HPF and PEQ only goes as low as 20 Hz I think. A low shelf filter can go lower. What did you have or what we're you using 15 and 18 Hz for?
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