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Hello all,

I'm a new member here.

I want to put in a system with a $3000 budget. I already have my 60" TV, have a wired room for 5.1/2, have also wired other rooms so I can put speakers in them. But I want to start with my main family room.

Old equipment that I have that could be of possible use is a Denon POA 2200 amp, which has an output around 200W per channel. It has A/B output. I also have a couple of Klipsch Heresy speakers. Also a Denon PA 1100 (probably useless for this) Not sure how good they'd be in this type of application but this combination has been great from a stereo perspective. Could use the amp to drive a subwoofer, outdoor speakers, or speakers in another room???

My room is about 15x25 with the long wall open to the rest of the house, so I probably need some oomph.

So I figure at the least I need, a receiver or separates, and some speakers. I have read a lot online, but the choices and prices are so wide ranging that I get somewhat overwhelmed.

Any recommendations on equipment or advice on how to narrow things down would be appreciated.
id get a third Heresy used, that way you'd be matched across the front (the RF line doesn't timbre match the Heritage line). I'd put the Denon POA 2200 on the rears and buy a three channel amp for the front.

Ok prices:
Front amp: Emotiva XPA-3. $719
Prepro : Emotiva UMC -200 $499
Used Heresy for center: no more than $200 or less
Rears: Klipsch RS (timbre match not as important on the rears) ...$300

That leaves you about $1200 for a pair of powered subs or just one great sub (SVS, HSU, PA are the usual suspects or you could check the HTS classifieds :T )
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