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Looking for feedback.
4 sealed 390ho 3-6cu ftft box
Nx6000d or
Crown with Mdsp.

I am thinking sealed. From what I have read there easier to tune ?

3 up front behind AT screen ( want to keep the depth under 20 inch )
1 behind the coach @ 20ft

I can get 4 390ho for 1000$ CND funds
Trying to stay under 2k for everything.

8 ft celling

L shape

I am take the long side for the HT.
14w X 30
The other half is 13w x 20

Open to ideas.

Open to ported. If theres a side port option or dose it matter with a AT screen

The 460ho will be 1k for 2 of them.
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A lot guys are building sealed enclosures for near field on avsforum.com. They are putting the enclosures directly behind the couch or seating position.
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