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4-Soundsplinter RLP-15 dual 2 ohm coil for sale

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I've been very happy with my subs but my quest for more bass is making me sell them.

I need $200 ea. plus $35 shipping UPS ground, or will take $700 for all four and reduce the shipping to $30 ea. to the lower 48 states. This price reduction is good until one or more drivers have sold.

No pets, kids, or smoking and these drivers work very well.

My new driver is on the way and the 1.25 mdf is being cut today by my laminate distributor.

The Houston HTS DIY group has been here to audition them and they perform very well.

I have the original shipping boxes.

I've used stainless upholstery washers to secure them to the cabinet so the rubber didn't rattle and I'll include a couple of them so you will know what to buy to replace them. I got them at the local Ace hardware store. They leave small circles in the mounting gasket when removed, so you can replace them if you want to. They make them look nice surface mounted on the cabinet.


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Would you take 150 cash and about how much would shipping be to cali?
thanks not to lowball but shipping is outrageous!!
Would you take 150 cash and about how much would shipping be to cali?
thanks not to lowball but shipping is outrageous!!
I can't afford to take less. These are awesome drivers, the best I've ever had the privelige to own.

If you get interested, I'll have to go into my account at UPS to figure shipping to a particular zip code.
I'd love to take all 4, but I am planning on 2 sonotube builds so I'd be interested in 2 of these. I am in Phx and would offer you $450 shipped.

Since I can't send PM's yet I sent you email.

I have sold the complete subwoofers, cabinets and grills. They are on a pallet waiting on a shipping truck for next Monday's pickup. There is a Shackster in Peoria Illinois who has been watching these subs for two years and jumped on the opportunity to have them in his home theater.

I see you are new to the forums due to the # of posts. Welcome to The Shack. We're proud to have you here. If you have any questions we have many folks here ready to help you with your project.

If you will notice in the first post, I have changed the header from FS (For Sale) to SOLD. We post that information as soon as they sell. Good luck with your new build.

Mike Cason
I actually had this post already loaded with the reply loaded for a couple days and never got back to it, and not having reloaded I didn't see the update. In a rush to leave from work yesterday I didn't think to reload to make sure they were still available.
No problem....we're all friendly here at the Shack.
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