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43fdx20b half screen convergence

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I inherited this box from my neighbors last night. Saved it from hitting the dumpster.:T

I haven't opened it up yet... plan on that tonight. But I can describe problem from demo they showed me.

If you divide the screen w/ vertical line down middle, the right half of screen is OK. The left half of screen has convergence issue. (The source was home screen for a cyberhome dvd player via one of the std def rca inputs.) The issue has different colored images separated horizontally from each other. Vertical alignment looks reasonably close to ok.

When trying to do the "magic focus" it only progresses to 3rd bar then hangs (about 1/4 across the screen w/ all the way being focus complete).

I'm sure this should point me to look at a particular IC but not sure which?

I'll post pics (assuming a new member can post pics) of what I find when I open it up tonight. Thanks for the helpful information so far!

I found the general convergence info thread and will download x480295 kit info next. I wasn't too shabby at soldering in my HS electronic shop class.

Assuming I can get this working, to properly calibrate the box, I'll need to figure out how to access the service menu?
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Just order the kit and follow the recommendations in the convergence repair thread. When you need to get into the service menu after that is fixed you should really get the service manual. Contact me privately about that.
Thanks for the information in your DIY convergence thread... Replaced the convergence IC's and all the associated resistors (taking no chances as you indicated).

Now it is much more livable but not 100%. With bluray source at 1080i, it looks pretty good. There is small color separation near corners. It is most noticeable w/ onscreen menus (except the TV's own menus are sharp). W/ nintendo gamecube via RCA inputs the color separation is more noticeable. During the magic focus sequence, the red is very sharp, the green a bit fuzzy, and the blue slightly fuzzier. It does go all the way through the magic focus process though.

I wonder if this is indicative of the problem that eventually caused the IC's to fail and give half screen convergence?

Does this point to another simple job? replace flyback...etc? Otherwise, I'll just live w/ it until it tanks and then get rid of it. Get my 50$ out of it ;-) I was considering resale but the classified market is flooded w/ these things. Really sad. CRT's are much better at fast motion vs lcds. Thanks again.
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A fuzzy image on each individual color is not a convergence issue, it is a focus issue. Clean the optics, adjust the mechanical and electostatic focus, then adjust the convergence manually, not relying on the magic focus. MF is simply a reset to the last parameters stored.
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