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5.1 System suggestion.. happy to start with reciever and 2 mains.

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So the title says it all, sorta carrying over from the recommendation thread.

Looking at probably an Onkyo or Pioneer Receiver, and possibly DIYing the mains and subs but open to suggestions. Upscaling on video would be nice, but a decent blueray play could do that fine enough.

My initial budget is around $2000 but preferably lower, i have to source things in Australia so $2000 US equates to around $3000-3500 after all the mark up that happens over here.

I was thinking first off just to get the receiver and stereo speakers, then get a sub, then get the rears and another sub, then if i think i REALLY need 7.1... get sides... but i don't think ill bother.

So if anyone has any specific suggestions for any part of the chain i'm more than happy to hear it!

My initial budget hopefully gives you an indication of how much i'm willing to spend. Probably 3-4k when all is said and done.

The gear i'm looking at are:


for the mains if i go diy.


Onkyo TXSR308B, and 508
Pioneer VSX920
Yamaha RXV567B

Not sure about subs or rears.

No clue at all with regards to a center speaker
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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