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5 Posts submitted now allow myself to introduce, rem, myself

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HI there :hail:

Long time enthusiast without the means to participate in equipment discussions now with the means to play in the pond.

After careful consideration I will entertain all suggestions for improvements to my system plans; as follows.....

Source: Oppo BDP-103 (just arrived and, well, yahoo!!!)

Display: Panasonic VT55 (already in my possession) Hoping for tweak suggestions, please!

Control: Soon to order the Outlaw 975 (at least that is my plan barring better value suggestions)

Interconnects: Pacific Wire (nothing fancy but high quality data rated HDMI and Pro Sound RCA/Speak-On)

Power: Wellllll, I am using Tannoy 8D fronts and 6D surrounds both active; used them for a while now and really like the Tannoy sound. No sub at this time as it may not fit in my space (WAF -5 aka Wife Acceptance Factor is low)

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Welcome to HTS! :wave:

Enjoy your time with us on the forums and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter!
Welcome to the Forum. Looks good so for. Have fun. Dennis
Welcome, looks like you're well on your way. Time to have some fun.
Welcome aboard the Shack!

Tannoy makes nice speakers they are more a studio type design and engineered to work well for music so movies with suit them nicely. For a sub show your wife one of these SVS SB12 NSD They are small but give very good clean low end. The piano black finish is really nice also.
Hello glad you joined us. There are all different types of subs out there that can be hidden. Even just a Bose subwoofer bass module would be a help. Feel free to start a thread in the different parts of the forum for more help.
Hi mjstilw..and welcome..
Hello and welcome to HTS! :wave:
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