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$500 Giveaway Qualification Thread for March 2009

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This is the qualification thread for the March $500 Giveaway!


This thread is only for qualification notification!


Once you have met the following qualifications, you may post here advising us you would like to be entered in the giveaway.

  • Ten (10) posts during the month of March 2009 (25 word minimum - no post padding).
  • Equipment must be listed in the Home Theater Equipment forum.


Non-qualifying posts will be deleted with no explanation!
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I have already qualified this month! I really could use some good luck too!

Thanks for the opportunity Home Theater Shack! :bigsmile:


show me the money...:spend:
Please enter me as well. Thanks!
Count me in. :bigsmile::spend: If I win the wife gets a shopping spree. She has been a saint through my whole HT build. Well, maybe not a spree but I will do something nice for her.

Hi guys!

May I be entered as well?

(Cue up Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner)

As a Patriot. I hereby affirm that a Shack Stimulus Package would be spent wisely and passed along to a compatriot of the Shack network. These times are tough...but take heart. Conspirator's (such as my wife) be HANGED!!! (just kidding of course) New drapes, couches, or living room furniture have no place in our constitutional right to pursue the American dream of Home Theater.

And that dream which we all share. Is to watch March Madness, The Super Bowl, The World Series, The Quest for Lord Stanleys Cup or Star Wars (for the 1,231st time) in the glory which we know as High Definition on as large of screen as our rooms will bear witness to.

In all seriousness. Thanks Shack. Especially the BW team and more recently to tonyvdb. While this hobby/obsession of ours is fun. It's not possible for some of us who haft to be as creative with their budgets as possible.
I have qualified. Please enter me in the giveaway.

If I win I see another DYI sub in my future.
Hey.... good luck everybody (please enter me also).
I have now found what i hope to be my new home. and while my excitment as lead me to post tons of post in just my first day of visit here.
I have had the pleasure of reading so many informative threads already.

thank everyone for the warm welcome too the forums and it is nice to see clean well focused threads and replies and no bashing or faming.

I look foward too reading posts from everyone and sharing my expereinces as well.

I would greatly apprecate being entered into this contest.
I 2nd Candoo's sentiments...
and please enter me in the contest as well- I have probably over extended my budget, but I'm about done for some time- riiight:whistling:
I am qualified and feeling very lucky. Good Luck to the rest of you.:paddle:
Keeping my fingers crossed as I humbly submit my entry!
Good luck everyone and thanks to the shack for your help with REW! :bigsmile:
I have enough posts this month. Please put me in!

Count me in. I need a new DIY subwoofer.

- Kyle
I'm in and I need a center channel stand or dricore or carpet or birch plywood and a sub...
I'm pretty sure I'm qualified, even posted my equipment so count me in! I wish myself good luck, LOL. I really need a subwoofer and feeling inadequate without one. LOL Incidentally, this is my favorite website hands down. :jiggy:
Hey Guys,
Well I'm qualified for this month.

I decided that if I win this month I'm going to use ALL the movie to help towards building a surround system for one of my good friends and neighbor. He loves film, he in fact have been filming independent movies for a few years with a group of friends. Unfortunately even though he would love anything close to a theater for his family he spends all his time and money taking care of his family, producing his films, teaching a local class for kids how to edit film, & going to school to finish his degree.
I can match the 5 and donate some of the equipment. I also have a few more hundred in donations from some of our other friends as well. Hopefully if I win that will put us in better budget range for him.

Good luck to all of us and thanks to shack for putting together the stimulus package!!!
I've qualified, The cash would go a long way to replacing my pioneer amp which is definately on it's last legs.

Good luck all.
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