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Hey Guys,
Well I'm qualified for this month.

I decided that if I win this month I'm going to use ALL the movie to help towards building a surround system for one of my good friends and neighbor. He loves film, he in fact have been filming independent movies for a few years with a group of friends. Unfortunately even though he would love anything close to a theater for his family he spends all his time and money taking care of his family, producing his films, teaching a local class for kids how to edit film, & going to school to finish his degree.
I can match the 5 and donate some of the equipment. I also have a few more hundred in donations from some of our other friends as well. Hopefully if I win that will put us in better budget range for him.

Good luck to all of us and thanks to shack for putting together the stimulus package!!!
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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