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$5000 budget for home theater

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Hello everyone,

I'm new to the forum, but I've been lurking for a little while, trying to learn more.

I am moving into a house and want to put a media room for mostly movies and sports into a room in the basement.

The room is 88" tall, 11.5' wide, and 30.5' long. It doesn't have any windows. It's basically a long room with an entry about 16' back from the front wall.

I want a projector, a 110-120" screen, and 5.1. 3D is not a priority. Later, I would like to add a zone for music upstairs, but that will be in another budget. I don't have any components and don't mind buying used or refurbished equipment.

I appreciate any feedback and suggestions.

Thank you
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First off I want to thank you for all of the great responses. I am currently moving furniture so I'll post a more detailed response with a few questions later, but just wanted to say thank you real fast, especially Jungle Jack with that great detailed post.

The room is finished and the $5,000 budget does need to include all audio and video components. I'd say audio is more important to me, but my wife is pushing video as more important.
The BenQ W7000 looks really nice. I have seen a few of the Epson Powerlite Home Cinema projectors in action. How does the BenQ W7000 compare to the Epson 3010 and 5010? I know the 5010 will be pushing my budget.

I hate that I missed out on the Klipsch deal. I had been looking at the RF-82s.

I’ve seen the HSU Research VTF-2 MKiV mentioned quite a bit on these forums so that’s probably what I’ll get. Same for the praise on the Onkyo 809.

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on SnapAV Dragonfly screens? I might be able to pick one up fairly inexpensively.

I just started reading some info about baffle walls, thanks for the suggestion. I’m not sure if it’s something I’ll do yet or not.
However, when a Front Projector in the mix, it makes it harder and is why I was so apt to recommend the Klipsch Icon WF-35's.
What do you mean it makes it harder? Do you mean for staying within my budget?

The Panasonic AE-8000U looks nice, too.

The more I look at stuff the more I think my budget is going to change :gulp:
Thanks for all of the suggestions.

I'm terrible with woodworking so DIY speakers is out for me.

As far as the budget I'm thinking about rising it to $7500 now and that's just the upfront budget. I would still be adding small things over the next few months. How would that change recommendations?

Acoustically treating the room is something I've been planning and is outside of my budget. I don't know much about it, but I have been talking to a few theater places in the area.

I do have furniture. I picked up some chairs on clearance last week. I'll take some pictures of the room next time I go over to the house and post them. (I don't move in until about a week or so).

Thanks again for the great info.
Thanks again everyone.

Here's what I'm looking at right now:

Epson 5020
Vutec 110"
Onkyo 809
Klipsch RF52, RC52, RB51
Klipsch sw110

If I do that I can stay fairly close to my original budget for the components. Is there a big difference between that Klipsch sub and the HSU one?

I'll post a thread on my pre-wire soon. Thank you for the suggestion?

So for what i have here any thoughts? Options? Suggestions?

Thanks again.
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Thanks again.

OK, I'll stick with the HSU sub. I appreciate all of the info.

As far as the speakers are concerned I can pick up the 2 RF-52s, 2 RB51s, and 1 RC52 for $1200 so that's why I was leaning that way. In that price range can I get anything better?
Thank you everyone. I went ahead and pulled the trigger and ordered everything. I started a new thread in the Home Theater Design and Construction subforum.

I posted several pictures and a few questions.


Thank you for all of the advice and recommendations.
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