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$5000 budget for home theater

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Hello everyone,

I'm new to the forum, but I've been lurking for a little while, trying to learn more.

I am moving into a house and want to put a media room for mostly movies and sports into a room in the basement.

The room is 88" tall, 11.5' wide, and 30.5' long. It doesn't have any windows. It's basically a long room with an entry about 16' back from the front wall.

I want a projector, a 110-120" screen, and 5.1. 3D is not a priority. Later, I would like to add a zone for music upstairs, but that will be in another budget. I don't have any components and don't mind buying used or refurbished equipment.

I appreciate any feedback and suggestions.

Thank you
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Is the room prewired or are you planning on opening up the walls and ceiling for wires?

You may be able to get a few more $$$ out of the spouse for an AV stand and remote as your equipment will be spread out over at least 2 locations. More if you plan to have all equipment in a closet and your blu-ray/x box in the room.

Projector Central and Screen Innovations websites have projector throw calculators so you can be sure that you pre-wire in the proper locations.

Remember the measurements are from the front of the projector lens to the screen and you'll want to keep the lens with in the screen's area centered horizontally and at the top of the screen vertically.

---that is to say if the screen is 10' across the projector lens will be at the 5' mark and if the screen is 2' off the ceiling then the top of the projector lens needs to be 2' off the ceiling as well... In other words avoid using keystone adjustments they are not good.

You may want to start another thread about pre-wire.
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