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50hdx82 convergence adjustment in service mode

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I have been working on my 50hdx82 set for awhile now. I installed new IC chips from that I got from a online supplier and had my hyper module rebuilt with no success in getting the set up and running. Instead of spending time troubleshooting what went wrong with the repairs I went ahead and got a complete board that I verified from a working set. I am wondering what are the correct procedures in service mode to get everything adjusted correctly. I have tried to adjust in the user menu mode and in service mode. When viewing in component input mode the colors don't look correct. When in DVI mode with a Hdmi adapter the picture is better but still doesn't correctly converged. I have the Toshiba service manual and this is what it say but hard to understand.

Adjusting procedure in replacing convergence board.
1. User convergence center check. Make sure the best convergence setting is about the center of adjustable range.
2. Centering adjustment
3.Picture position adjustment
4. Hit, Wid adjustment
5. Convergence adjustment
6.Execute Touch Focus following instructions displayed on the screen after finishing convergence adjustment
7.If Touch Focus Error is displayed after finishing touch focus, the method of Cross-Hatch Pattern after convergence adjustment is different from what is exhibited on the right figure or hardware is out of order.

Can a tech shed some light how to get everything up and running correctly.

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