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50HDX82 power on, no pic or sound

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Back for round two.

Just about a year ago this time, I replaced the ICs on my tv. (thread here: http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/toshiba/48078-getting-50hdx82-convergence-ics.html#post449118)

It has worked wonderfully since, with one exception. Shortly after repair, my wife told me about an issue with power on, but no picture or sound. The issue fixes itself, and it hasn't happened again until a week or two ago, when I finally saw it. Basically, we turn the tv on and see the red light. After maybe a minute, the tv will make a loud noise and start working just fine. It happened twice and hasn't happened since. I can only add a couple things.

1) We leave the air conditioning off whenever possible. The two times I saw it happen were on miserably hot and humid days that were really borderline for AC use. Seeing as the last time it happened was last summer around this time, I suspect that may play a part.

2) The noise seems to be the speakers getting a power surge. You know that horribly loud popping noise speakers give out? Because of that I can't really tell if there is any other noise.

The TV still seems to be working well other than that. This is more of a preemptive question to see if this is the symptom of something else failing. That way I know what I'm up against if it stops fixing itself someday.

Thank you.
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Look for cracked solder connections. Probe with a wooden stick, tapping gently to identify loose components.
I'm a bit surprised this post was so near the top when I just checked.

Anyway, this problem has finally become critical. TV won't power up at all anymore. Well, I will get the red light and the little speaker bump that lets you know it's on, but now picture or sound. About half the time, the relay will click rapidly a few times and the red light will go off once and come back on, but still no picture or sound.

Was wondering if the relay action and off/on offers any clue as to what's wrong. Otherwise, is it time to pull the power board and look for cracked connections? I'm guessing the power board would be the problem, even though I took the other board out for the IC repair.
Do you have a service manual? It has diagnostic LEDs on the power supply doesn't it?
Man, you are amazingly fast. I do not have a manual. I also haven't noticed any LEDs in there. Time to look around . . .

Nope, don't see any. Of course, if you asked me to point out the actual power supply, I'd be guessing. :p

Not sure I have the time and energy for this one right now. Might just get the replacement and put this one downstairs as a hobby piece for when I can finally look into it. Don't like the feeling, but I got two and a half years out of the ICs I replaced, so I'm pretty happy with that.
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