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50HM66 Picture Problem

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I have a 50HM66 that won't show any picture at all through the inputs I get the sound find. The front light is solid blue. I get all the TV's internal menus fine with no destortion just nothing from the inputs. This happened to me about 6 months ago and I took the back case off and it suddenly started to work. So I put it back together and havn't had a problem till now. Any ideas?

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I own a 50" Toshiba DLP set similar to yours and have had audio but no video when using HDMI. In one case reseating the HDMI cable solved it, in another replacing the HDMI cable solved it, and in another unplugging the TV for a minute solved it. The inputs that you have tried--are they the HDMI inputs or ALL of the video inputs?
All the inputs don't work
Since you can see the TV's menus that rules out the lamp/light engine. I would look at the input menu and see which input you are on and whether it is connected to something. Make sure you have control over changing the inputs too. Also make sure your resolution is not set to 576P if that is an option. Sounds like the video switcher within the TV has a problem if you have normal sound and no picture.
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