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have read many of your post on tech help. I have a toshiba 50hx70 (rear projection set) that previous owner says was shutting down when screen would be GO completely white (video gamer) - the set would turn off (AUDIO STILL WORKED). He then would cycle power and it fired up again. this went on for several months. then one time it wouldn't come back on. I got the set. Found fuse F470 (2 amp) blown along with hyper board caps bad. replaced caps and 2 amp fuse. set comes on and stays on now. pic is clear and aligned but way too much red - adjusted G2 (screen cntrls), touch focus works perfect, color drive parameters are factory set. what could be the problem ? can't be stks as manual focus all work. Removed hyper board - screen is still red with no input. any help in right direction would be appreciated.:rubeyes:
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You need to check the connections on all of the caps and be sure that you did not bridge something, install a cap incorrectly, or break a trace.
when hyper module is removed - set still displays red screen. I think hyper module is good. I'm going to wait for another hyper module = but don't think it is causing this problem.
interesting, good luck in resolving the issue.
Check your solder connections at the board and on the hyper module very carefully.
do u think it id the hyper module ? This module can cause too much red in pic ?
Its weird cause on no input the screen is black, the OSD works perfect, but the picture with 480P input is good but too red.
I have heard of this symptom several times after repairs to hyper modules. My best guess is that it is either a broken trace, bridged connection, or a broken solder joint related to the removal and reinstall of that module.
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