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53UWX10BA blue line in center of screen

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After installing a repair kit onto the convergence board and replacing the DCU, I was able to get everything back into working order except now the is a blue line with static spikes (almost looks like small "x"'s on the line) centered horizontally on the screen. :gah: I can get rid of it completely by turning the red gain way down or off.
Any ideas as to why this has happened. I have replaced #42 and #46 resistors and the red control IC with no improvement. I also had to jumper several wire traces where the board was cracked.
Shall I yank it all out and start over or am I chasing my tail? :dontknow:
Any source for a new or gently used Convergence board?
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A blue line that is affected by the red gain? Very strage. Can you post an image.
I'll see if I read the Attachment System instructions correctly.
The first image (white coat) is no magnification, just up close. The other two images are using the zoom on my camera.
Also, the line is perfectly horizontal and splits the screen exactly in half. The skewing is just poor photographic skills:duh:


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Looks like a phosphor burn in the red CRT and there is nothing that can be done to fix that other than replacing the CRT.
D O O O O O HHHHHHHH ! :thud:

Ok. I'll start looking for a new tv....
Or look for a scrapper with a good red tube. Tube failures other than aging are rare on these so there may be some decent tubes floating around.
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