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Yes, it is a 53UWX10BA not a 50 as shown in the title.

I have a Hitachi 53UWX10BA with what I believe is a convergence problem, picture shadowing.
About 3 years ago I had the same problem in warranty and the tech replaced the STK392-110 chips with 120's.
Now I have the same problem and I replaced the 120's with 150's but I did not replace the resistors. When I powered the set ON it had the same shadowing with the 150's and when I ran magic focus it got part way through and the picture and sound went away.
The red LED on the front of the set and 2 of the green leds, DP11 and DP35, on the DP1X Deflection board are blinking.
I disconnected the bridge PDKP between the deflection and convergence board and the sound and picture came back ON, obviously with a bad picture.
I have read much information on this and it seems there are varing opinions on the fix. The latest is to use SKT394-160E and new resistors. Is this the most current and direct plug-in fix?
It appears from the threads that the resistor numbers are RK42, 46, 50, 54, 58 and 62.
Is this correct?
Can anyone supply the correct values for these resistors?
Also, acn anyone tell be what the A stands for on the end of the model number?

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Re: 50UWX10BA Convergence

Read the first ten posts in the convergence repair thread very carefully:


The information on the Hitachi kits is there in detail. There is no debate on the proper fix among those who deal with Hitachi. They no longer supply any parts other than the STK392-160 for yor chassis and most others, and they specifically provide resistors in the kits. This has been the case for quite a while. Anyone who recommends otherwise is uninformed and has simply not done their homework. There is nothing wrong with using the 392-110 or the 392-150, but you still have to check the resistors and power supplies to the chips. There is also always the possibility that there is something else wrong beyond just the output stage, or that something was done in the repair process to create a problem.

Your thread has been moved to the Hitachi forum to maintain forum organization and to make information easier to find. The name of the thread has been corrected.

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RK42 3.3ohm
RK46 1.8ohm
RK58 3.9ohm
RK62 2.2ohm
RK50 2.7ohm
RK54 1.5ohm

"A" means this model is a little bit different from 53UWX10B. No difference on the convergence part though.

You'd better get a service manual. It's very likely that you need to do some or a lot of digital convergence adjustment in service mode.
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